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Is Amazon at the Forefront of the Retail Revolution?

With Amazon’s latest acquisition of Whole Foods, it appears they are truly taking the current retail revolution by the scruff of its neck and leading...

Workforce Management Solutions

Continuously improve your customer service, employee satisfaction, operational excellence and your bottom line.

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Customer focused enterprise applications built to your organisation’s needs, accommodating any size or scope.

Warehouse Management Systems

Optimise your inventory, people, space and equipment.

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REPL is a global technology and consulting group which specialises in workforce managementsupply chain and in-store digital.

By focusing on some of the key battlegrounds for modern commercial advantage, we transform customer experience, business operations, efficiency and performance.


Our Teams

Consultancy, implementation, end-to-end support and world-class agile solutions for workforce and warehouse management, back office, payments and beyond.

Designing, delivering and supporting in-store digital and mobile solutions for some of the world’s leading retailers.

Innovative, powerful and affordable technology solutions, supporting global workforce, warehouse and time & attendance systems.

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Software and technology solutions which will engage and delight customers

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