A Remarkable Night of Celebration

REPL Group has always been about open and honest feedback and rewarding those who shine. In 2017 for the very first time, REPL officially recognized individuals and teams for their exceptional work, in the form of the REPL Awards.

The Awards Evening took place as part of REPL’s annual Christmas party in the UK, with CEO Cerys Johnson, and Executive Chairman Mike Callender presenting the awards. Individuals were recognized for everything from “Contribution to Society” and “Innovation of the Year,” to the leaders who shined in their specific roles within the business. Likewise, REPL created the ultimate recognition, rewarding one individual the coveted “Remarkable Person of the Year” Award.

The Remarkable Person

This year’s remarkable person is an individual who not only has great expertise in their field, but has the capability to excel even when outside of their comfort zone. This is accomplished partly through their ability to simplify the complex, so any audience can understand and make educated decisions.

This trait alone has allowed this individual to excel, but add in their collaborative, no mess, no fuss mentality with their tenacity to tackle many roles at once, and a truly remarkable person emerges.

Accomplishing business goals and always striving to deliver the exceptional to their customers, made this individual instantly one of the 17 nominees, but their personality, willingness to help other teams, and never complaining along the way is what makes Jonathan Muir this year’s Remarkable Person of the Year!


Congratulations to Jonathan and the other award winners this year!



Full list of the night’s winners’

Outstanding Contribution to Society 2017 – Jonathan Humphrey






Outstanding Contribution to Central Team 2017 – Lorraine Nichols 






Outstanding Contribution in Digital 2017 – Al MacLeod





Consultant of the Year 2017 – Jack Everley


Senior Consultant of the Year 2017 – Mike Lomax






Principal of the Year 2017 – Andy Young






Senior Principal of the Year 2017 – Bal Lola






Project of the Year 2017 – Caledonia Project






Senior Lead of the Year 2017 – Neil McGregor


Innovation of the Year 2017 – RTA 500 Time Clocks






Remarkable Person of the Year 2017 – Jonathan Muir