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our mission.

REPL creates sustainable value for our customers by delivering the remarkable with people who care.

our dna is people who care.

In 2007, at a kitchen table no less, REPL Group’s founders Mike Callender and Chris Love set out to do things differently, building a tech consultancy that centred around people, not processes. With a rich heritage in retail and technology, our cofounders set out with a vision for change.

From this, REPL Group was born, a consultancy that dared to be different, built by people who care. Now a company of over 440 and growing, we work with some of the world’s biggest businesses, solving business problems innovatively, flexibly, and reliably. Our stellar growth has been led by customer success, natural and organic.

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our story.

Our collaborative, innovative approach ensures we improve business efficiencies and deliver value, however complex the challenge. We are agile, visionary and never afraid to challenge the conventional.

We’re proud to be included in the London Stock Exchange’s Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. This prestigious list recognises the most dynamic SMEs and high growth potential companies in the country, what the LSE calls “the lifeblood of the UK economy”.

The team at REPL is here to deliver an exceptional future for businesses, their employees and customers. Make the smart choice: join us as a client, partner or team member and trust us to make a difference.

our values.

we are 

We use insight and boldness to find new solutions and create new opportunities. We challenge the status quo and dare to be different, taking a stand for what we believe in. We inspire other people with our
actions, energy and


we are 

Differences make us
authentic and innovative.
WE know that different
people, cultures, mind
sets and geographies will
drive us to always be our
best. We foster a
community based on


we are 

We act with
uncompromising honesty
and integrity in everything
we do. Each of us is
responsible for our words,
our actions, and our
results and we empower
each other to take
ownership of
our actions.


we are 

We simplify what’s complex and make it easy to understand. We say it as it is. We act with transparency and openness. We have nothing to hide and we are proud to share our experiences.


we are 

We have a thirst for knowledge and are passionate about sharing it with the world. As innovators, we embrace new ideas and are the first to say we can. We are not afraid to fail, and when we do,
we fail fast and learn.
We find solutions, not
work arounds.


we are 

We are not just a transactional business. We care deeply about what we do and how we do it. We care about our employees, our customers, our alliance and the wider community. Our people are what make us great.


our clients.

our partners.

corporate social responsibility.


At REPL we believe it’s important to contribute to the communities in which we - our teams, our customers, their customers, our partners – live and work. To us this means supporting the next generation of tech talent by improving accessibility and education, as well as contributing to local and national charities whose goals align with our values.