Workforce Transformation


M&S and REPL Collaborate on Successful Labour Scheduling Proof of Concept

REPL were tasked with completing a business-wide readiness review, followed by a vendor selection process, detailed proof of concept in three stores and business case submission for full roll out.

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REPL Help HEMA Reduce Labour Costs By £3m

As a multi-category retail business, HEMA needed a new workforce management system to address every corner of their complex operations.

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REPL and Praxis Drill Down into the WFM Detail

Praxis needed a hard-working new solution to its workforce management challenges. Top of their list was overhauling how it planned employee workloads to ensure a balance between efficiency, effectiveness and customer service.

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Supply Chain

Marine Harvest

REPL Streamlines World’s Biggest Salmon Supplier

With an ongoing appreciation of the health and environmental benefits of sustainable salmon, the company anticipates further revenue growth.
To meet this demand, Marine Harvest needed advanced warehouse management technology to maintain the highest standards of quality and service while also reducing operational costs.

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REPL Implements the Perfect Solution for Inenco

To support its position as the best-option providers of engineered products and related services for industry, the group required a new warehouse management system which could be rolled out across its distribution centre network.

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Customer Experience


REPL Connect BP Employees to Future-Proofed Tech

In the highly competitive fuel market, leading retailer BP needed to overhaul outdated technology that was compromising customer service and
employee morale.

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Development Services


The Argos Christmas Wishlist: Gamification in Action

The Argos hackathon was held to generate fresh ideas from a range of disciplines, both in-house and from external partners.

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