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Adequate Training for a Happy and Productive Workforce

Helping my sister and her boyfriend move a few weeks back, I was grateful the process, unlike so many moves I’ve done in the past, was painless. The move was easy for two simple reasons: there were lots of people involved and everyone knew how to do it. This combination meant that the task was completed quickly and efficiently, making the move relatively painless for all participants.

If we apply the fundamentals of the moving example, and attempt to replicate them in the professional world, we run into some challenges. This is due to the high-level of expertise and experience sometimes needed to complete tasks and drive progress.

In today’s world, not having enough experience within a team is less of a challenge than in the past. With professional social networks like LinkedIn, dedicated websites and blogposts about any and every business function, and resources such as REPL’s Crew Plan, (focusing on the Workforce Management niche) professionals can find the answers, strategies, and communities needed to deliver on their initiatives.

With these resources, employees can eliminate many of the roadblocks and knowledge gaps throughout their day. But, this mindset also produces risk, as companies are overly relying on their employees to self-educate, and don’t spend the proper time, money, or resources on providing training.

Training and personal development in a job is important to 87% of Millennials

-Gallup Poll June 2016 


Studies from the American Society for Training and Development highlights the importance of providing training, finding that companies who increase their training budgets by $680 per employee, improve profit margins by 24%, and additionally increasing returns to shareholders by 6%.

This means if businesses provided more training, the ability for many hands to make light work would be improved; individuals can spend less time on self-training, and more time understanding the industries in which they belong.

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