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Kickstart Your Career

Finding and retaining the highest calibre of people is fundamental to REPL’s success.

We work hard to create a challenging, supportive and satisfying working environment for all our employees.

Any specific roles for which we are currently recruiting are detailed below, but whether there is a suitable role or not, we are always interested in hearing from ambitious and forward thinking professionals who combine the highest level of skill and experience with a commitment to the service values and can-do attitudes which have come to define the ‘REPL experience’.

Read on to find out more about working at REPL Group.



  • Dan Haywood
    Lead Recruiter

  • Michele Seaman
    Lead Recruiter

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Senior Programmer

What exciting projects have you worked on at REPL?

In the 12 months that I’ve been here, I have worked for loads of big name retail customers including Tesco, Asda and Virgin Media which has been really exciting. I’ve worked on everything from an iOS app for a Charity, to server and mobile clients for our corporate social network (gloodoo) so it’s been great from a variety perspective. During my time here I’ve used all sorts of skills from design and development to project management and support.


Why did I choose to join REPL?

I knew I wanted to go into consultancy and I was really interested in retail, so REPL felt like a good fit. I also really liked the idea of working for a global company where your contribution still has a bigger impact and there would be a greater chance of getting more responsibility.

Account Manager

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job here at REPL is the variation of tasks and responsibilities. I get to work alongside other teams on a daily basis which means I am constantly learning about all that goes on within the company whether it be products, events, website developments, and the list goes on and on!

Chris Brett
Senior Consultant

What do you like about working at REPL?

I joined REPL from a large blue chip company and in my time here so far the word that personifies my experience is ‘excitement’. There is a palpable sense of it here and it radiates from every aspect of the business, even the team that have been here for years. It’s refreshing – and it’s infectious. Within a couple of weeks with REPL I was given the opportunity to consult on a WFM project with a large, UK-based, hospitality company and simply put, I’ve learnt more in 2 months than I did in an entire year with my previous employer. For me, it’s as straightforward as this – I’m learning more and I’m surrounded by a supportive team of excited and exciting people.

Best move I ever made.

Software Engineer

Why do you like working for REPL?

The people who work for REPL Digital are exceptionally skilled, and it is therefore an exciting environment to work in. Working in smaller development teams means it is possible to take some ownership of the product, meaning that your own creative stamp can be seen in the final product. It is a privilege to work with such a large range of high profile clients to provide cutting edge solutions to retail-oriented problems.

Where would you like to go?