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02 Mar

With Digital Taking Over, Are Staff Being Neglected?

Shot of a young man standing behind the counter of his store and looking downhearted

With the focus so heavily on digital from apps and Pay Per Click (PPC) to Ecommerce and more, are staff being forgotten about?

Staff are the only point of contact a customer has when he / she walks into a store, so it’s an opportunity for your employees to create a truly emotional connection with the customer. If a customer has a bad experience in your store it is unlikely they will return, and with the competition so high nowadays, a bad experience is a huge risk.

Why Do Customers Shop Instore?

When in doubt, shopThere are many reasons a customer decides to shop instore rather than online:

• To try out the product
• For the whole shopping experience
• As some products may not be available online
• Because some products need to be bought instore, for example, a helium balloon
• Due to the risk factor – the product may not be what you were expecting
• To cut out delivery charges
• To cut out the wait time until the product arrives
• To ensure no damage is made to the product from delivery
• For payment security reasons

Below we discuss ways in which you can ensure your staff are happy, which will result in your customers being pleased with their service.

Steps You Can Take to Show Your Staff You Care

Support Network

Hands all inIt’s vital that employees have a strong support network around them. A leadership team that understands a retailer and any concerns they may have, allowing their staff to excel to their maximum.
Supporting your staff with dedicated systems, resources and processes to simplify their day to day roles will enable you to build a balanced team who want to succeed in providing an exceptional customer journey.

Training and Development

Senior grocery store owner training new employeeGive your staff the chance to train and develop their skills so that their full potential is bought to the surface. The way a retailer gets messages across via marketing is constantly changing and developing and store colleagues need to reflect these messages in the way they interact with customers. Training and developing must be an ongoing process.

Rewards, Recognition and Incentives

Well done, you deserve this!When your employee has done a good job, reward them! We often spend too much time focusing on the negatives and not enough time recognising when somebody has done a job to high standards, going above and beyond their role. Put incentives in place, for example the employee who gets the best feedback from customers for that month, receives a three course meal for two.

As technology continues to develop, employees should not be forgotten about. Staff need to be a priority as they are the ones who meet, serve and interact with your customers on a daily basis. Give your staff the tools and training required to enable them to offer customers a magnificent experience in store, so that they want to return. Don’t forget to reward and recognise when your staff have done something well and put incentives in place to motivate your staff.

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