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enhance your technology to support your business goals.

Integration, back-end frameworks, serverless, mobile, web and DevOps capabilities alongside our range of service options make REPL the perfect, versatile partner for your retail business.
Optimise and evolve existing or new apps, systems and products and secure exponential benefits from the balance sheet to the warehouse floor.
Improve foundational technology development methodologies to gain market advantage, transform customer experience, streamline supply chain and uplift workforce management.

“Our team’s varied technical expertise and domain knowledge can help you optimise your software landscape to operate more efficiently, more profitably, and be more agile.”

Shawn Welch,
Director of Development Services

streamline solutions with DevOps and integration.

Development services that deliver a robust CI/CD pipeline accelerate your business release updates, programmes and services, reducing costs and boosting competitive advantage and confidence.
Integration services that streamline and automate processes, reducing costs and time to market meaning speed is on your side.

transform monoliths into microservices.

Life’s too short for weeks of regressions or inflexible tech that holds back innovation. The cutting edge of retail technology waits for no one, least of all laborious, manual testing processes or fixed release cycles.
Transform tech monoliths into microservices or leverage serverless technologies so speed is on your side. With development infrastructure that rapidly releases code, harnesses testing automation and leverages the latest technology, you’ll be on the front foot. 

go beyond your basic data analysis.

Drowning in data? Don’t know what to do with it?

Highly-skilled and experienced data scientists can dig deep to unearth its hidden treasures. You’ll be armed with valuable insight about your customers, employees and operations.

They’ll define your specific problem, ask exploratory questions and propose hypotheses. After collecting, cleaning up and augmenting your data, predictive models will be generated and analysed using machine learning to drill down into the detail.

The result? Unrivalled insight that empowers you to predict future outcomes, make informed decisions and create transformational solutions.

Spot patterns to inform the future:

  • Accurately forecast demand for staff and
  • Understand and act upon poor sales
  • Analyse the competition, both next door and

collaborate with us on your development and integration projects.

Mobile Marketing-01 mobile application development.

reach a wider customer base with a mobile application offering.

ds-icon7 commercetools implementation.

implementation of commercetools for product and ecommerce management including integrations with apps & websites.

Cloud Sharing-01 cloud-first implementations.

cloud first implementations with Azure or AWS to remove the burden from on-premises systems.

ds-icon6 workforce management integrations.

integrate with WFM systems. (Blue yonder, Kronos, Reflexis etc.)

2021-APRIL-WhatWeDoIcons-MANAGEDSERVICESAssets_(Singular) Positive DevOps.

implementing or improving DevOps implementations with existing development teams (Docker, Build & Release Pipelines, Automated Testing).

Mobile App-01 bespoke web and app development.

bespoke web and application development (MS Teams integrations, Bots, Custom interfaces, Websites)

partner with domain expertise.

enable a DevOps pipeline for back-end frameworks, API integrations, creation and management of mobile and web apps, scaling existing applications and modernizing legacy codebases.

quickly augment your existing team with skilled, specialist professionals from REPL, with varied skills across cloud providers, back-end, front-end and mobile technologies.

access the analysis, insight and advice to find the best practice methodologies your organisation needs to succeed for development and integration projects.


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back end frameworks.

front-end apps and webpages.

integration frameworks.

CI/CD with DevOps

related services.


customer experience.

deliver a seamless customer experience online and in-store, as well as achieving business agility and flexibility.

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workforce transformation.

improve scheduling, shift management, training delivery, human capital management and more.

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supply chain optimisation.

improve performance from procurement to distribution, including category management, planning and warehouse management.

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