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REPL adapts pioneering methodologies to meet your unique implementation needs. Choose us and you’ll be working with a partner, not just an implementation company.
We treat your requirements and goals as if they were our own, a bespoke approach that relies on innovation and trust, not pre-written guides. Our experts successfully implement vendor partners’ solutions, enhancing them with our own unique products to expand system capabilities.
The result? A fully-integrated, future-proofed system to deliver optimum performance levels and achieve all desired outcomes.

"Implementation is not just about delivering projects on-time, on-budget and to-scope, it's about much more than that. Our experts evaluate your business challenge(s) from multiple perspectives and adopt a bold, nimble, yet pragmatic, mindset to provide solutions which invigorate your digital initiatives. We work with you to define and embed scalable technology solutions that deliver successful and sustainable business outcomes."

Bal Lola,
Director of Business Transformation,

industry experts who exceed your objectives.


Our broad expertise across workforce and warehouse management, point of sale, back office and in-store digital, combined with decades of hands-on experience means that we have the right people to design and implement your perfect solution.

Working side-by-side with you and your teams, we identify pain points, understand complex challenges and define solutions which deliver value to your business.

Priding ourselves on offering more than comprehensive implementation services, we develop hands-on partnership with you, challenge the status quo and go beyond the basics to surpass your expectations.

end-to-end services and solution expertise.

From our business transformation experts who can help you define your change feasibility and strategy, through to the dedicated solution and/or technical architects that can carry out an in-depth assessment of your precise requirements and devise transformative answers, we have a vast team of experts who unite to ensure the successful implementation of your technology solution.

We oversee, manage and mitigate complexities and blockers to deliver results.

We offer:
  • Implementation health checks and course correction strategies
  • Business Process Expertise
  • Programme, Project and Change services
  • Acquisition and management of additional vendors
  • Full end to end system integration and delivery
  • Data migration, deployment and cutover assistance
  • Service Design, Transition and Support

go beyond your basic data analysis.

Drowning in data? Don’t know what to do with it?

Highly-skilled and experienced data scientists can dig deep to unearth its hidden treasures. You’ll be armed with valuable insight about your customers, employees and operations.

They’ll define your specific problem, ask exploratory questions and propose hypotheses. After collecting, cleaning up and augmenting your data, predictive models will be generated and analysed using machine learning to drill down into the detail.

The result? Unrivalled insight that empowers you to predict future outcomes, make informed decisions and create transformational solutions.

Spot patterns to inform the future:

  • Accurately forecast demand for staff and
  • Understand and act upon poor sales
  • Analyse the competition, both next door and

data science in our sweet spots.

REPL will make sense of your data. It will be organised, optimised and analysed by
creative, technical experts who will translate results into precisely targeted solutions.

ds-icon1 data services.

collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management

ds-icon1 data services.

collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management

ds-icon1 data services.

collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management

ds-icon1 data services.

collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management

ds-icon1 data services.

collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management

ds-icon1 data services.

collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management

ds-icon1 data services.

collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management

efficiency and expertise.

Your approach to project management can make or break your digital transformation programme. Whether you’re upgrading a supply chain solution, introducing new customer-facing technology such as point of sale solutions to your stores, or investing in your workforce management tools, these are all complex projects touching multiple areas of your business. With potential to go over budget, or over time, successful project management is key to achieving the value your initiative promises.

Our team provide strategic advice and recommend specific industry and project management best-practice approaches tailored to your specific goals and requirements. Working beyond a project’s core aims, drawing on our wealth of retail and technology experience, to really make a difference and achieve the remarkable.

Working together, we will implement responsible and creative approaches to meeting your goals, delivering on time and on budget, to scope.
  • Achieving full visibility of your project or programme’s current status and key dependencies
  • Improved alignment between business goals and project objectives
  • Clear planning and communication
  • Building a project management approach for future initiatives

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