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5 of the biggest app trends for 2016 so far

As we are over half way through 2016 and Gartner predict that by 2017, demand for enterprise app development will outstrip supply by five times capacity. Here are the 5 key trends that have been…

10 steps for being ready for WFM

When making the decision to implement a workforce management solution (WFM) there are a lot considerations that have to be taken before going ahead. You have to understand the activity levels and associated labour standards,…

How to attract and retain your millennial workforce…

With the millennials population ever increasing within the workplace, it’s vital for employers to understand how to attract and retain their millennial workforce. Recent studies have found that millennials are the least engaged part of…

Why does Gamification fail (and how can it be made to work)?

Despite being more than four years’ old, Gartner’s assertion that 80% of gamification initiatives are doomed to fail remains as oft-quoted today as it ever was. To be fair, when Gartner published its report in…

Do you have what it takes?

In an interview with, Head of Recruitment Robin McWilliams discusses what it takes to become one of the REPL’s ‘Remarkable People’. The results might surprise you.

Global retailer New Look set to roll out gloodoo™, the enterprise communication app, across all UK and ROI stores

New Look is set to launch gloodoo™ across all UK and ROI stores and associated employees, joining the wave to empower retail employees by bringing information to their fingertips.

Empowering employees with the toolkits to take on the digital transformations within the retail sector.

Chris Love talks to Retail Week about how store associates are the frontline of this digital transformation and how toolkits such as gloodoo can help the fight to give the consumer the creative and interactive experience they are craving from retailers.

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