Understanding the Power of Retail Technology for your Business

“You are cruising along and then technology changes. You have to adapt.”
Marc Andreessen

In the rollercoaster world of retail, never has a truer word been spoken. Stand still and you won’t just get left behind, you could disappear completely.

Look no further than Toys R Us, Maplin and Multiyork: big names that will be best remembered as high street casualties.

In the current climate, profitability challenges can be found down every aisle:

  • ever-evolving consumer habits
  • increasing employee expectations
  • relentless online competition
  • rising business rates and wage bills
  • unpredictable exchange rates
  • pension demands

This perfect storm can be diverted. Technology, often misconstrued as a threat to traditional retail, can be harnessed to bring the power of digital into the physical: on the shop floor and in the back office.

Effectively managing your workforce is at the heart of this. Every decimal point saving in labour costs can make a huge difference to the bottom line.

By boosting employee productivity, customer satisfaction and ultimately profits, next-generation tech makes riding this wave of retail evolution possible.

The time to innovate is now. Click here to read our whitepaper and learn more about the power of retail technology for your business.