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ADAPT Forecast and Demand tools unlock the potential of your Workforce Management solution.

Using next generation distributed computing, ADAPT brings step-change to the accuracy and usability of workforce planning tools.

ADAPT Forecast uses artificial intelligence to bring unparalleled accuracy and providing an aggregated view of forecasts.

ADAPT Demand takes a revolutionary bottom-up approach, calculating workforce demand for your entire business with unprecedented granularity.  Powerful model-management and ‘What If’ analysis provides your planning team with a new level of insight and control.


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WFM Connect

Our customisable Workforce Mobility apps put the power of your scheduling system into the palm of your hand, giving you the ability to input and edit schedules, confirm availability, clock in and out, set your work preferences and much more.

By harnessing the power of mobile we can give your employees a better work/life balance and your organisation payroll cost savings and more predictable and consistent schedules.

Managerial Benefits

• View, edit and approve employee timesheets
• View and approve time-off requests
• View scheduled and actual shifts
• See detailed employee profiles allowing to support scheduling decisions
• Real time T&A exceptions
• Daily and Weekly scheduling exceptions
• Visibility on customer specific exceptions e.g. No First Aid Cover

Employee Benefits

• View and edit personal schedules
• Easily confirm your shifts in one click
• Request time off and view remaining annual leave entitlement
• Mobile clock in / clock out functions with Geolocations

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ESO Connect

ESO Connect, connects the workforce and completely changes the process of stock management to make it more contemporary and efficient.

Remarkably Fast Mobile Stock Management Solution

• Stock counts are captured easily in real time, expediting the stock counting process and eliminating unnecessary manual steps
• ESO Connect enables employees to count with multiple devices simultaneously, meaning stock counts are  completed in a fraction of the time
• Utilising mobility, your stock counts can be updated from the sales floor, stock room, freezer, and even the delivery truck. This includes accounting for any wastages, and transfers between stores
• Where Wi-Fi connectivity can be an issue such as in the freezer, or back corner of the store – counts are stored on your device until a connection is made, updating automatically once back online

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T&A Connect

Enhancing employee engagement and self-service has become the modern trend of retail operations. With these trends in mind, we have created mobile clocking that is ready to enhance and streamline the process of capturing punches for the modern workforce.

Connecting Mobile With Timeclocks

Using geo fencing we can ensure that all punches captured are at the place of work. This enables employees the flexibility to punch in on their mobile device, while their employer is assured all punches are accurate.
Another benefit of the mobile clock solution is your employees and managers can view the most up to date work schedules and hours worked anywhere and at any time. Managers can easily view early or late punch employees and employees will have no problem figuring out when their next shift begins.

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T&A Clocks

How Will Time and Attendance Clocks Add Value to My Business?

Time and attendance clocks can simplify extensive tasks such as monitoring employee’s time and attendance in turn freeing up managers time to focus on the important tasks. They will also add value by ensuring that employees are working against budgeted hours and complying with relevant pay rules your business may have in place, such as timed breaks etc.

Features of REPL Group’s Time and Attendance Clocks

Multiple punch types supported (shift, break, meal etc.), near real time punch processing (no fixed polling times), multiple authentication methods (finger biometrics, RFID, employee ID etc.), schedule validation, punch rule adherence, job transfer and employee and manager view.

All the features of the RTA 500 Connect plus: Custom application support, touchscreen interface, employee self-service features, employees can view future and historic schedules, offline mode enables continued operation during periods of network downtime.

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gloodoo is a flexible platform that combines Social, Productivity and Communication tools to provide a workforce solution tailored to your business needs.

  • Builds brand engagement and reflects the way today’s workforces want to work.
  • Enables your employees to personalise how they consume content and gives them the flexibility to
    complete operational tasks on the move.
  • Increases productivity and operational efficiency by putting key business tools in one place.
  • Offers insight into workforce motivation, performance and retention levels by combining real-time BI with employee feedback and usage data.
  • Grows your workforces’ motivation, performance and retention levels with social and gamification features, leading to overall improvements in your bottom line.

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