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Powerful data processing that delivers

Go beyond old school labour modelling with leading-edge software that calculates, manages and analyses data on an unparalleled scale.

ADAPT combines workforce management best practice with state-of-the-art technology to transform how you schedule, forecast, budget and manage tasks. A highly-adaptable suite of tools for unprecedented granular insights and exceptional forecasting accuracy.

Next-generation machine learning and distributed computing technology makes ADAPT the ultimate modern labour modelling solution.


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ADAPT Forecast powers predictions with expert precision through machine learning. The latest AI technology brings unrivalled accuracy to forecasting.

Prototype specific scenarios, keeping the ones that work and changing those that don’t, to produce the ideal labour model and strategically reduce costs. You’ll get the most out of your talent alongside sustained business growth.

Aggregate forecasts for faster and more accurate analysis

Create advanced scheduling using artificial intelligence

Increase workforce capacity, satisfaction, productivity and performance

Identify growth opportunities and elevate customer satisfaction through accurate what if planning and analysis

Make and review changes in isolation before committing

Maximum efficiency workforce management

Industry challenges continue to grow and evolve. ADAPT allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to workforce demands, broadening the scope of what’s possible.

With the power to process unimaginable amounts of data, it produces bottom-up demand and budgets for your whole estate within minutes. You’ll have instant access to the detailed information you need.

Unrivalled forecasting capability uses all the data you can conceive, from events, promotions and even the weather, to intelligently schedule and budget with confidence. And advanced task management organises and streamlines workloads for your whole team.

Use the full enterprise suite of ADAPT tools to revolutionise how you work, super-charge business efficiencies and keep up with the pace of digital change.



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ADAPT Demand provides next-level insight and control by processing incredible volumes of data in minutes, rather than hours or weeks.

Capture accurate demand details for the months and even years ahead, saving time, money and manpower.

Powered by Hadoop to boost scalability, ADAPT Demand bridges the gap between budgets and schedules.

Calculate workforce demand using cutting-edge technology

Facilitate rapid what if analysis and planning

Assign duties for optimal productivity with a revitalised labour model

Assemble bottom-up demand for labour budget planning in minutes

Eliminate mismatches between budgets and schedules

Reduce labour costs through breakthrough budgeting tools