Upgrade your communication channels

Gloodoo is a fusion of social, productivity and communication tools that help you build a powerful employer brand.

Strengthen employee connections using secure chat rooms and keep your workforce informed through content on Gloodoo’s feed. Engage with your staff using rewards and relevant news: encourage them to invest in your company for the long-term.

Gloodoo’s flexible task management software equips your workforce with easy access to scheduled duties. It enables you to boost productivity and deliver exceptional customer service.

Boost Productivity

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With Gloodoo you can:

  • Update your workforce from one place
  • Post content and news via digital magazines and feeds
  • Access operational procedures
  • Share documents on the cloud
  • Allow employees to manage tasks
  • Create communication channels between teams
  • Gather employee feedback
  • Provide online training
  • Host secure chat rooms
  • Moderate messages
  • Offer rewards

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