Take advantage of clocking flexibility

We combine cutting-edge technology with seamless physical clocking to give you a robust and convenient time and attendance solution for your workforce.

You can control physical and mobile clocking centrally for the entire enterprise. Install upgrades, make configurations and send alerts to sustain ultimate workforce efficiency.

Simplify tasks so managers can concentrate on more complex duties. With a readily accessed view of employee time, they can easily keep on top of attendance and improve compliance.

Optimise Time Efficiency

RTA Clocks - Clocking system

RTA 500 Connect and RTA 800 Touch support.

  • Multiple punch types
  • Finger biometrics, RFID and employee ID authentication
  • Schedule validation
  • Manager and employee view
  • Offline mode for downtime
  • Clocking rules
  • Job transfers

Simplify tasks

With a readily accessed view of employee time, managers can easily keep on top of more complex duties such as attendance and compliance.

Clocking systems

time and attendance systems

Upgrade to advanced clocking with RTA 800 Touch.

This highly secure and accurate solution enables:

  • Custom application support
  • Touchscreen interaction
  • ESS integration enabling employee engagement

RTA 800 Touch Clocking System

Optimise time efficiency with REPL