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16 May

REPL and BP win at RITA’s


REPL Group and BP we recently announced winners of the Innovation Award for Best Use of New Technologies at the Real IT Awards (RITA) 2019.

REPL and BP Win at the Real IT AwardsThe award was achieved for the work that REPL conducted around the automation testing of payment, fuel and loyalty cards for BP with the commercial objective of reducing costs without compromising on quality. A further objective was to close the gap between BP’s point of sale (POS) automation and automatic reconciliation. Historically, testers were having to stop the automation and manually input payment/fuel/loyalty cards into payment devices and then enter pin numbers. REPL worked with a robot provider who created the Automated Cards Robot which automates the whole flow for seamless overnight runs. Furthermore, the file automation GUI, developed by REPL’s Digital team, has enabled REPL testers to move away from manually checking XML output files for days and raise defects a lot sooner.

REPL had done a lot of work automating manual test scripts over the course of 2018 and was looking to see if it could also automate payment cards, fuel cards and loyalty cards for BP.

Due to their nature, automation scripts run on the POS always get to a point and stop because the person has to put the card into the payment device. This was something both REPL and BP wanted to overcome to make transactions faster, smoother and more efficient. REPL worked with payment a robot provider to achieve this. The provider built the robot that automation tools could talk to via a set of APIs in order to simulate the manual function of putting the card in and entering pin numbers.

The Automated Cards Robot works with a Multiplexer which holds up to 16 physical cards and a robotic finger to simulate a tester manually testing cards payment and entering the pin numbers into the payment device file automation GUI. This imports POS and BOS extract files and compares them to the BDD test scripts, written by the testers, and shows where there are errors in the output file.

Every few weeks BP has an upgrade of software for its POS tools across the world. For this to happen, REPL runs its automation scripts and tests that the code is correct and that there aren’t any bugs or issues before it’s handed back to BP to roll out across its stores.

Real IT Awards WinChris Griffiths, Managing Partner – Customer Experience and Enterprise Systems said “I’m delighted to see that our innovative use of new technology has been recognised in a cross-industry awards. It’s testament to the strong partnership we have with BP where we collaborate to push the boundaries and embed new ways of working”.

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