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17 Oct

REPL Connect BP Employees to Future-Proofed Tech


In the highly competitive fuel market, leading retailer BP needed to overhaul outdated technology that was compromising customer service and employee morale.

REPL came on board as their strategic partner, owning the end-to-end delivery of a complicated and challenging project: BP RESET Programme.

Within the next five years, REPL will have fully introduced and integrated the enterprise systems needed for the fuel company to evolve and grow.

The Client

BP operates over 18,300 petrol stations across 50 countries. Their business remit is broad-ranging and includes: exploration, drilling and refinement, transporting energy, marketing fuel, and researching and developing alternatives for the future.  

The Objective

The client wanted to select and roll-out a new cutting-edge back office and stock management system to operate in thousands of their retail stores globally.

With multiple operations across dozens of countries, the legacy systems landscape was complex. Each market had unique requirements that played to one of REPL’s key strengths: a conviction that one size doesn’t fit all.

BP knew that neither the potential software vendors involved nor their own staff had the knowledge and experience to scale and deliver a programme of this size.

So they chose REPL as a world-class systems integrator to take ownership of the programme delivery, including testing and integration.

The Solution

REPL brought retail expertise and experience to the forecourt to introduce the RESET template solution.

This future-proofed tech is a far-reaching solution that updates and streamlines all BP’s point of sale and back office systems. Obsolete set-ups have been replaced by flexible cloud-based tech that can change and adapt as business demands fluctuate.

BP employees can now forecast with pinpoint accuracy, manage stock with improved visibility and process customer payments on slick, efficient terminals. 


As part of the project, REPL also developed digital applications for the client’s hand-held terminals to improve employee efficiencies on-site. 

BP teams across the world are now getting detailed data-driven insights to boost employee engagement and enablement, alongside delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The ongoing programme involves over 100 people made up of experts from BP, REPL, software vendors and legacy system teams. 

Currently, in roll-out across multiple countries, it’s being introduced globally as part of a stepped programme overseen by a 50+-strong REPL team.

The Results

REPL has brought an in-depth knowledge of retail to the fuel industry, introducing convenience retail best practice to fuel and vice versa.

The right people delivering the right solutions are transforming the BP experience for both customers and employees.

Thanks to a fully-integrated, intelligent set-up that introduces the power of machine learning to the forecourt, speed, convenience and control are now possible for hundreds of users across stores and head office, as well as their customers. Thousands more are due to join them as the roll-out is completed across 2000 stores in the initial markets. 

REPL drove the new structure and delivery model using agile tools and processes to improve quality and speed to market. 

And we also led the strategy to expand the programme scope to additional markets, resulting in an extension to a further 10 countries across five years.

The REPL Difference

“Our difference is in the delivery,” says Thomas Quinton, COO of REPL. “We initially mobilised a core team of 25 staff to the heart of the programme, making sure we had the ideal blend of system, retail store and programme delivery experts on-hand.

“Effective from day one thanks to the agile approach desired by BP as part of their modernise IT transformation, and our quick-start templates, we swiftly grew that team to put efficient programme management processes in place. This enabled scaled delivery across multiple markets against very tight timelines.”

The team was led by one of REPL’s managing partners in close partnership with BP’s very experienced IT and business teams. This ultimately led to a team with extensive experience working on a global programme, offering delivery results and assurance across the entire programme.

 “By collaborative problem solving and thinking differently, we’ve harnessed our expertise, innovation and experience to jointly transform our client’s tech.”

To access the full case study please click here.

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