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20 Aug

REPL is Great Because Our Employees are Great: A Reflection on our Past 18 Months

REPL 2019-2020 Timeline Final

Simon Sinek once said “customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” We would like to think that our success speaks volumes about the happiness of our employees, and in turn our customers. We feel very fortunate to be able to reflect on our last eighteen months in business and give you an inside view on the magic sauce we thinks makes us tick and gives us the ability to wow our customers, one successful implementation or innovation project at a time.

So, what has REPL been up to over the past eighteen months?

In March 2019 we received the prestigious Queen’s Award.  Our CEO, Cerys Johnson, commented: “Winning the Queen’s Award is the highest honour we could ever wish to have. It’s great to have something that acknowledges those businesses that have been brave, bold and big on ambition and have been prepared to put in the extra mile to achieve something exceptional.”

In September 2019, a group of our employees trekked the 100km Thames Path Walk Challenge for two not-for-profit organisations (Mind and Molly Olly’s) to raise funds for the charity as well as awareness of the amazing work they do. At REPL, we feel attitude is everything and it is humbling to know that our employees are always looking to go above and beyond in any way both in their day to day work and externally in the community.

In December 2019, we went all out for our annual Christmas party, dancing the night away to the live band and 3 silent disco DJ’s. Celebrating all the amazing work our employees have done is always a priority at REPL and the Christmas party is a highlight of our social calendar. 

September 2019 and March 2020 were also both hugely rewarding months for all of us as we found out we had been awarded the Great Place to Work in the US and the UK. We believe that employee happiness is fast becoming the holy grail for success and are proud to know that 94.5% would recommend REPL as a great place to work (up 5.5%*).

In February 2020, we celebrated International Women’s Day across all our offices, with employees in each office getting involved in decorating everything purple and putting on a mini lunch time party with food and cakes. Our gender balance in the company has moved from 22% to 34%, and the board composition of women has doubled to 50% and we feel celebrating International Women’s Day as a company has been a great way to celebrate our achievements and provide increased ammunition to achieve our equality goals. We feel supporting the development of our Graduates is more important than ever at REPL, and therefore in August 2020 we decided to run our graduate development day online. Senior members of REPL presented to the graduate community about Dev Ops and Delivery Management, proving rewarding to all parties involved. To round off an informative and fun day, our graduates participated in a virtual escape room and hosted virtual graduate drinks, joined by our CEO, Chairman and Head of Delivery.

What does this incredible timeline of events mean for REPL?

It means that through the adversity the world has faced with the unexpected challenges of COVID, the business has held fast to their values of bravery, passion, transparency and technical prowess. It means our organic growth has come from challenging the status quo, delivering beyond the expected for our customers, and believing in people. It means that we have carried on a tradition of making our good fortune the good fortune of others, giving back where we can and working to make the world a better place.

What does the next eighteen months bring?

We are looking to welcome more talented, passionate people to our ranks as more businesses select REPL for their digital transformation and operational agility needs. We are looking to continue to increase our impact on the world, developing a new sustainability practice and working with our customers to become more environmentally responsible.  We are working to continually improve our internal community and awareness, providing a safe, happy and fulfilling work environment for our employees. What does that mean for you? Whether you represent a business that needs technology services or support, or you are an innovative, passionate person looking for a new challenge, we hope that in the next eighteen months, our paths cross.

If you’re ready to take charge of your personal growth and become part of the REPL family, or are keen to find how we can help you across our areas of expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our teams today.

REPL Eighteen Months Timeline
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