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20 Jun

REPL Group Gain the Warwickshire Employability Charter


REPL are pleased to announce that they have been awarded the Warwickshire Employability Charter from Warwickshire County Council.

The charter addresses the issue of work experience with companies confirming that they will; work with schools to offer valuable placements; establish links between businesses and schools to bridge the skills gap when young people enter the workplace; have input into the curriculum and carry out work exchanges with teaching staff, whereby teachers work in businesses for short periods, and staff from that business go into schools.

The Charter gives the company the recognition from the council that the work they are doing in the wider community is one that will add value to young people across the county, and help them improve and gain valuable insights for their employment skills.

Cerys Johnson, CEO of REPL said “It is great to get the recognition of Warwickshire County Council for the work we are doing in looking to help shape the future of tomorrow’s workforce in our local community and surrounding areas.”

The Charter has been awarded because of the work done between REPL Group and In2Amibition, where REPL attended a careers advice day at Alcester Academy. The day saw the company’s Marketing Manager, Russell Faulkner, and Group Resource Manager, Dan Haywood, attend a day’s workshop where pupils from year 8 could ask various questions about their careers and experiences.

Group Resource Manager, Dan Haywood, who collected the Charter on behalf of REPL said “Being a major global company, it’s nice to be able to give something back to the community and help share our experiences in business to the future business leaders of tomorrow.”

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