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05 Feb

Your Retail Tech Opportunity Download the Insight You Need to Thrive on the High Street

CIO CTO Research UK

Technology is revolutionising retail businesses across the world. You know how essential digital transformation is to survival.

As global tech consultants, we surveyed CTOs and CIOs from multiple retailers to reveal how they’re keeping up with the pace of change.

And we’d like to share this exclusive insight with you:

  • How is the evolving landscape guiding their objectives, projects and budgets? 
  • What game-changing tech are they embracing to futureproof their retail business?
  • What familiar pain points are they tackling and how?
  • What steps towards digital transformation can you take to buck the high street closures trend?

Download the brochure and discover more about:

  • CIO/CTO attitudes to investment in tech
  • Understanding the key drivers for transformation
  • Tapping into consumer purchasing trends
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Focusing on investment areas
  • Bridging the online/in-store gap
  • Looking to the future

And learn how you can join these savvy retailers who understand tech’s crucial role in driving down costs, meeting customer demand and keeping up with the competition.

Exciting opportunities are within your grasp. 

Opportunities that will help you achieve high street nirvana: customer loyalty based on a personalised experience, profitable growth and priceless retail resilience.

Download your copy of the insight-packed brochure here.

Speak to the retail tech experts about accelerating your digital transformation

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