Data Science


Bring your data to life

Take a scientific approach to complex business challenges with AI-led data insights and solutions.

REPL’s data science team harness the power of machine learning to drive efficiency, engagement and profitability.

They have the curiosity to explore your problems and the technical and theoretical skills needed to solve them.

A creative use of data that generates tangible business value.

With data science behind you, you can spot patterns to inform the future:

Accurately forecast demand for staff and stock

Understand and act upon poor sales performance

Analyse the competition, both next door and online

Thanks to machine learning, predictive modelling and forward-thinking analysis, you’ll have a clearer path ahead.


Go beyond basic data analysis

Drowning in data? Don’t know what to do with it?

Highly-skilled and experienced data scientists can dig deep to unearth its hidden treasures. You’ll be armed with valuable nuggets of information about your customers, employees and operations.

They’ll define your specific problem, ask exploratory questions and propose hypotheses. After collecting, cleaning up and augmenting your data, predictive models will be generated and analysed using machine learning to drill down into the detail.

The result? Unrivalled insight that empowers you to predict future outcomes, make informed decisions and create transformational solutions.


Optimised data

REPL will make sense of your data. It will be organised, optimised and analysed by creative, technical experts who will translate results into precisely targeted solutions.

Data services: collection, migration, clean-up, augmentation, inventory management

Demand management: staff demand, inventory stocking, category management, root cause analysis

Product pricing: competition analysis including online

Product marketing: campaign forecasting, A/B significance testing

Operations: automated optimisation

Consumer insights: store services, local area demographics

Workforce management: staff root cause analysis, recruitment criteria and staff shift optimisation

sitting at computer using computer