MuleSoft – The Ultimate Integration Platform

Enable digital transformation through the integration of multiple technologies. Connect disparate data to better serve customers and create distinctive, differentiated and rewarding experiences.

Launch initiatives, connect systems, and unlock enterprise data up to five times faster

Reduce integration costs by 30%

No disruption to existing business processes


You Are Your Data

Using APIs (application programming interfaces) data that was previously isolated, stored and locked in legacy systems can flow across a network of seamlessly connected applications and devices.

As web and mobile apps become the norm, retailers are discovering valuable new uses for that data. Put that data to use:

Turn customer interaction from traditionally transactional into powerfully personal

Expose data for innovative new opportunities

Improve existing products

Develop better systems and operations

Standardise system connections

Universal Connectivity

The MuleSoft integration platform supports a unified vision and enterprise control. A quick, cost effective and holistic way to connect data to applications through dedicated, reusable APIs.

Use MuleSoft to connect marketing, POS and ERP systems for a 360 degree customer view. Consolidate your brand and customer experience across your customer facing touch points. Share event-driven, real-time information with internal and external partners.

Connect to any data source

Build an API-led retail application network

Simplify API management, design, and development

Use private and public APIs to extract all data types from internal or external sources

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform can be rapidly deployed on premises or accessed as a cloud solution

Ease of use increases developer productivity and shrinks development time



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Integration for Innovation

MuleSoft inspires and increases innovation and value creation with tools that enable faster development, testing and implementation of APIs. Local and cloud first API strategies and new micro-service architecture powerfully and elegantly side-step the cost, complexity and lead time complications involved in replacing or modifying legacy systems.

Rapid innovation, experimentation, iteration and testing

Reduce time to resolution by managing all resources from a single point

An agile and flexible architecture that evolves with your business