Testing as a Service


Automated. Agile. Quick.

End-to-end automation testing as a service to get your software operating at optimum levels. Innovative input that helps you fast track new development opportunities by fine-tuning functionality and improving overall quality.

With extensive knowledge across a global team of consultants and technical specialists, REPL embraces full automation testing to achieve quality results quickly and efficiently.

Agile, blended or waterfall, we adopt a “push left” attitude: we test early and often, providing hands-on testing at every stage of your project.

You’ll get a talented team on-site straight away to review your processes and resources. Automation will provide an immediate understanding of your testing needs and you’ll get key strategy documentation within 30 days.

React quickly to market demand with an onshore software testing partner who’ll drive continuous improvement and transformational change. We’ll spot the glitches before your customers do.


The REPL difference

How we carry out our testing as a service sets us apart. Based at our UK Test Centre of Excellence, we encourage an agile or blended approach with automation at the heart of all processes.

Working swiftly and efficiently to get the very best results, testers work alongside business analysts and developers to provide early engagement that sparks knowledge and understanding right from the start.

Inspired to innovate, we find solutions where others can’t.

Choose fully managed end-to-end testing or professional support for your own busy team. Both routes give access to testing experts who’ll define goals, implement change and deliver measurable benefits to maximise ROI.

Test strategy planning, comprehensive documentation and extensive automation testing minimises delays, reduces costs and gets issues resolved sooner. We provide highly-experienced test consultants to join your in-house team and optimise all functional, integration and regression testing.

The result? Market-ready software that you and your customers can rely on.


Go beyond simple testing

Test Consultancy: highly-experienced test consultants to join your in-house team. Strategic testing reviews focus on risk, delivery and your unique requirements. A comprehensive approach including standardised processes, tools and documentation across the different test phases, plus reusable strategy, reporting and test scripts. Innovative, flexible solutions meet your business needs, reducing costs and improving quality.


Project Test Delivery: defined test phases delivered as individual components or combined to offer integrated solutions. Based at our UK Test Centre of Excellence and on your premises, we take ownership of every stage. Every phase is underpinned by automation to optimise all functional, integration, performance, UAT, regression and migration testing.


Automation Testing as a Service: work collaboratively with our team of dedicated testers, environment managers, defect managers, business analysts, architects and consultant to embrace delivery of the entire project. Multiple test phases expertly curated to meet your goals. We road test strategies, phase programme plans and deliver a fully-tested solution.

Test Service Delivery: an end-to-end approach to your software challenge, driven by ongoing test and quality assurance. Guarantee business as usual with testing support, defect and environment management, and continued regression and release testing. Expert reassurance that your software will keep delivering.

Specialised Testing: leaders in driving innovation and automation testing, our pool of experts leverage best practice to tailor and build test services to your exact needs. Using multiple toolsets to support new technologies, our team can offer an unrivalled breadth of skills and knowledge. A bespoke service that focuses on and meets your unique testing requirements.