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Transform Customer Experience

The reinvention of high street retail is underway. Technology is transforming how retailers interact with shoppers. Creative customer service and in-store experience is essential.

Meet their digital demands and experience expectations with a cutting-edge POS system that future-proofs your business.

Ditch the traditional till for a slick new set-up that personalises every transaction: convenient digital payment options, tailor-made offers and tempting loyalty schemes.

Put POS power in your employees’ hands with mobile tech that can make a sale anywhere on the shop floor.

And gather valuable data on customer purchases and interactions, enhancing their experience and rewarding advocacy.

REPL’s experts specialise in EPOS, mobile, payment and loyalty. You’ll get impartial advice on your technology strategy and a bespoke, fully-implemented solution.

An agile approach to POS challenges delivers a fast, pain-free process. Tailormade APIs, highly adaptable implementation methods and a willingness to innovate will give you a competitive edge.

The result? Connected customers who feel valued by your business. Watch brand reputation and company profits soar.


Deliver for your customers

Point of sale has evolved into point of service. Central and critical to the customer experience, skilfully-implemented software meets buyers’ expectations in the digital age.

No longer satisfied by a simple till transaction, customers are demanding more at the check-out: they want to use a contactless card, place orders, use discounts, spend points, check stock availability, scan as they shop, get quick refunds and receive an email receipt.

Intuitive POS software makes this happen. It allows shoppers to remain tech-connected, keeping your physical store relevant and beneficial on the path to purchase.

Your tills will be as tech-savvy as your customers. They’ll spend their money and leave your premises wanting to return.

Exceed their expectations with digitally-optimised sales and service.

Deliver for your business

The evolution of the global payments industry continues at pace. Mobile, cashless and ecommerce are becoming ubiquitous.

Emerging markets continue to disrupt traditional payment schemes to meet the needs of mobile-first consumers. And equipment is reaching end of life faster than ever before.

Catch up with the competition and achieve asset integrity with a POS project that will meet the demands of tomorrow, not just today.

Our state-of-the-art solutions deliver exceptional results on the sales floor, simplifying crucial business tasks and freeing up time to focus on growth.

REPL understands the evolving payments ecosystem. We can navigate the ever-changing security and compliance landscape with ease.

Large global retailers choose us to implement the payment technology they need to enhance customer experience and maximise ROI.

At the check-out, employees can personalise the customer experience by accessing detailed data, checking real-time inventory to answer stock queries, advising on delivery options and swiftly processing orders.

Integrate with enterprise resource planning, workforce and warehouse management systems to deliver a comprehensive new way of working.

It’s the in-depth intelligence your business needs to ride the retail revolution.

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Personalised data


Offer a broader range of services at the check-out

Build profitable, personal relationships with customers

Adopt an omni-channel approach by combining online, in-store and mobile POS

Introduce convenient digital payment methods

Record, review and respond to accurate customer data

Integrate with WFM, supply chain and ERP software

Modernise and personalise the customer check-out experience