Payment Systems


Smart Digital Solutions for Smooth and Secure Payments

Revolutionising global payment technology ecosystems will propel your business to new heights of consumer and business convenience.

Stay ahead of market challenges with digital technology that future-proofs payments.

From mobile payments and block chain technologies to frictionless cross border payments and a shift towards mobile-first consumers. Suppliers and merchants must act now to give consumers the experience they want.

Our team of technology and retail specialists create innovative payment solutions that integrate with business-enhancing technology.

Connect new technology to old and enhance ROI. Deliver new payment replacement programmes that revolutionise retailers’ customer service capabilities. Ensure point-to-point encryption that protects information to global standards in an increasingly open environment.

In the right hands, digital technology offers a variety of solutions to your payment problems. REPL has extensive experience in card issuing, payment acceptance including B2C, B2B, fuel cards and in-store payment replacement programmes. All complemented by central payment expertise.

Whatever your payment challenge, REPL will place your retail business on the front foot for compliance, service and customer retention.


Deliver for your business

With the right digital technology solutions, retailers can ensure security, connection and ease of use for customers and your business.

Mobile apps– provide customers with the option to pay on the go via their digital wallets. Linked to your back-end systems, you’ll generate better consumer insight, meet changing customer habits and open up new channels to communicate with customers.

Loyalty cards– integrated with a CRM solution you’ll enjoy additional consumer insight and marketing opportunities. Customers also benefit from the ability to pay with points and enjoy personalised promotions.

Central card replatforming – seamlessly move your critical payment systems to a new, more agile platform that integrates with other software and provides a solid foundation for added capability. Increase process efficiency and provide better customer service with faster, more reliable payments across every channel.

Card issuing systems – deep knowledge of European and global data protection regulations empowers your business with compliant technology that provides a slick issuing service, reduces risk and keeps your reputation secure.

In-store payment renewal programmes – connect POS systems with back-end technology for joined-up decision making and informed customer service. Arm your retail assistants with the ability to answer every customer question to attract, retain and deepen customer relationships.

The global payments industry is evolving at pace. And disruption is at the heart of this change. Digital technology is the catalyst that will help your retail business keep up and meet changing consumer demands.


Integrated Payment Systems


Simplify and synchronise workflows

Deliver a seamless digital customer experience

Lay the foundation for future development with flexible builds

In-depth loyalty and payment card expertise

Link fuel cards to mobile apps for the ultimate payment convenience

Drive operational efficiencies and more sales with connected payment technology