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Consumer-centric, data-driven, seamless supply

In an omni-channel world, placing products on shelves is no longer enough to secure sales. A fully-integrated supply chain that links products, stores and eCommerce operations is the only way to serve customers well. However they choose to shop.

Our expert team will help you transform your existing supply chain into a unified, end-to-end digital system. We’ll recommend and implement the best modular category management software for your business, boosting the capability of your current solution regardless of its maturity.

The outcome will be new insight, greater control, better strategic decision making and improved operational efficiency. Plus increased profit across all channels.

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Advanced solutions for space planning

Achieve full space and replenishment-planning integration with an advanced solution that delivers:

Space planning that continuously optimises assortment efficiency, product mix and capacity management

A customer-centric approach with automated store-specific planograms which consider defined local assortments

Off-the-shelf software tailored to your business

Micro and macro-performance insight by product category, store format and business area 

The ability to rapidly review assortment tactics, build reliable algorithms for AI/ML-driven demand forecasting and define business strategy

In-store implementation with modern user interfaces and web-based communication tools that allow real-time store feedback to ensure assortments fit on the shelf

Rapid change tailored to you

Accelerate your customised category management vision through data-driven, consumer-centric category management. Our remarkable people and alliances have unrivalled expertise to manage your project and implement your new system.

We work with a range of leading software suites which include cutting-edge AI/ML technology, automated space management, assortment optimisation and inventory planning. Plus the following essential functionality that will enhance demand forecasting and optimise store fulfilment:

Consumer-centric micro and macro space planning

Store-specific planogram generation

Data-driven assortment optimisation for omnichannel retail

Space-aware assortments for planogramming

Shelf-based min/max replenishment planning

End-to-end integration of up and downstream inventory information

Advanced space performance

supply chain category management


Complete Category Management


Increase your ability to plan more frequently and effectively

Increase profit through the efficient creation of store-specific planograms

Reduce cost, out-of-stock and overstocking with store-specific product lines

Use your improved data to cluster stores more effectively and efficiently

Increase sales per square foot with space optimisation capability

Automate processes to enable employees to focus on insign and value add

Improve how you measure store compliance and execution

Educate your teams on the benefits of successful category management within a customer centric offering enabling you to drive sales and increase profit

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