Revitalise Your Dispatcher WMS

The retail industry’s most popular warehouse management system (WMS) is once again supported. Blue Yonder is revitalising Dispatcher WMS, breathing life into its feature-rich system with an extensive roadmap, updated functionality and refreshed UI.

Central to retail technology ecosystems across the globe, Dispatcher provides a single view of complex high volume warehouse operations. Developed with retailers in mind, it is a longstanding and popular choice.

Now fully supported, Dispatcher is saving retailers time and money by providing precisely the operability today’s leading professionals need and demand.

Maximise the potential of your Dispatcher WMS using REPL’s team of expert Dispatcher consultants

Dispatcher Services

Dispatcher WMS


WMS Strategy
Programme Management & Project Delivery

Rapid assessment and strategy definition, delivered by our experienced team of WMS experts and Technology leaders, to help shape the direction of your WMS with a clear roadmap, investment plan and business case.

Programme management and systems integration is in our DNA. We have the people, processes and tools to deliver the most complex WMS programmes successfully.

Configuration Services & Development
Testing Services

Team augmentation with expert Functional Consultants, Configurers, Developers, Architects and Solution Designers. Turn-key Development Factory, utilising REPL dev toolkit, agile delivery methods and a config-not-code approach.

Team augmentation with expert Test Managers and Testers. Turn-key test factory including our WMS test toolkit (plan and script accelerators). Test automation.

WMS Technical & Platform Services
Infrastructure & Cloud Services

DevOps platform enablement including containerisation of non production environments and test automation. Choose from a suite of integration accelerators including field mappings and interface templates for common interfaces to ERP, order management and carrier management systems.

Migrate your existing on-premise Dispatcher installation onto public cloud to provide you a more modern, flexible and agile hosting provision. Options available to run this as a managed service, including managing the service with the cloud provider.

Managed Services
Industry Leaders in Adoption of Agile & DevOps

Full stack support oering including application, Database and infrastructure. We can help to simplify your support model by providing you with a single support partner for all layers of your WMS architecture and work alongside Blue Yonder Customer Services to ensure a seamless and cost effective support model.

Whether it be upgrades, enhancements, optimisations, we work in a way that is fast, cost effective and has quality engineered in at every stage. We are industry leaders in adoption of agile and DevOps principles and techniques within the WMS market (traditionally a very waterfall environment), but we pride ourselves on our flexibility and fleetness-of-foot and can work in any way that best suits your organisation.

Warehouse System

Optimise and strengthen the heart of your WMS

Don’t waste time and money moving to another warehouse management system.

Enhance Dispatcher WMS with REPL and mitigate risk, cost and business impact by seamlessly improving your central system. Operations are continuous and improved:

  • Avoid lengthy, people-intensive,costly WMS replacement
  • Eliminate the interruptions of major operational change
  • Reduce the cost of an essential operational system
  • Harness the value of your existing system
  • Upgrade to the latest functionality and UI (soon to be released by Blue Yonder)
  • Rationalise costly modifications
  • Remove unsupported, legacy technologies
  • Engage with a fully supported system
  • Benefit from an extensive and exciting product roadmap


Deliver for your business


Enhance Dispatcher WMS with complementary applications for advanced operational performance.

Advanced control tower capability

Innovative transport management systems (TMS) tailored to complex fleet management and cost optimisation scenarios

Integrated workforce labour management (WLM)

Advanced warehouse tasking capability to optimise work queues in real-time using configurable strategies

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