UK Technology retailer Dixons Carphone to use the employee engagement app gloodoo™ across its stores - REPL Group UK Technology retailer Dixons Carphone to use the employee engagement app gloodoo™ across its stores - REPL Group


UK Technology retailer Dixons Carphone to use the employee engagement app gloodoo™ across its stores

Dixons Carphone is set to launch gloodoo™ across all UK stores, joining the wave of retailers empowering their employees using mobile technology.

The gloodoo™ employee engagement tool taps into the way employees want to work, and offers a new level of workforce interaction, at speed.

Following a successful pilot across several stores, Dixons Carphone is now looking to roll out gloodoo™ to all their UK retail outlets. This will allow Dixons Carphone to improve central visibility of store operations, improve their communication to store colleagues and give them the ability to better manage supplier visits to their stores.

Dixons Carphone Head of Retail Operations, James Stewart: “gloodoo helped us improve our communications to stores during the pilot before Christmas and, as we roll-out gloodoo to Dixons Carphone stores across the UK, we’re excited to see how we can leverage gloodoo to improve colleague engagement and operational efficiency”

The app also delivers transformative benefits around engagement, collaboration, motivation and retention. The companies Chief Executive Officer, Mike Callender says: “gloodoo™ was developed to directly address the challenges such as employee engagement and operational effectiveness as these fundamentally impact retailers.”

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