A global success story

Since the company was founded in 2007, we’ve enjoyed year-on-year growth, a reflection of our dedication, innovation and passion.

We’re a world-leading consulting and technology group specializing in workforce and warehouse management, point of sale and in-store digital solutions.

Formed by a specialist team with highly-successful retail careers, we have the experience and expertise to deliver visionary professional services and unique solutions that transform business operations.

Working internationally with some of the biggest and best companies in the world, we partner with them to solve their business issues and drive even greater success.

Digital Innovation Specialists

About REPL Group

Delivering an exceptional future

Since the early days of REPL, our aim has been to focus our energy on enhancing and improving the capabilities of businesses large and small.

Over a decade later, we’ve delivered exceptional results for hundreds of companies across the world in sectors ranging from retail and supply chain to manufacturing and hospitality.

Our collaborative, innovative approach ensures we improve business efficiency and deliver value, however complex the challenge. We are agile, visionary and never afraid to challenge the conventional.

The team at REPL is here to deliver an exceptional future for businesses, their employees and customers. Make the smart choice: join us as a client, partner or team member and trust us to make a difference.

We innovate, inspire and deliver

REPL’s Expert Team

Mike Callender

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Executive Chairman

Chris Love

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Chief Alliances Officer

Cerys Johnson

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Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Quinton

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Chief Customer Officer

Bryan Black

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Chief Technology Officer

Lorraine Nichols

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Chief Finance Officer

Deon Moodley

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Chief Operating Officer (Digital)

Zanna Patchett

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General Counsel & Company Secretary

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