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19 Dec

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with REPL At NRF 2020

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You’re committed to transforming your retail business. You’re focused on delivering speed, convenience, hyper-personalization and slick integration.

But when it comes to selecting your perfect tech consultancy partner, the choice can be overwhelming.

Do you work with a large international firm, with many thousands of customers and overly long processes that have earned them their reputation for expensive fees?

Or do you opt for the smaller global partner that can still deliver your dream outcome? Think quicker service, a more personal experience, agile solutions and exceptional value for money.

Choose REPL and you’ll be partnering with the retail tech experts. A borderless consultancy that’s on your side every step of the way.

We work alongside some of the biggest retail names on the planet, accelerating end-to-end transformation through data-driven digital technology.

And we’re in New York for NRF, retail’s big show, to showcase what your business can achieve when you join forces with us. Meet us at booth 462 and we’ll share how you can:

  • Uncover your business’ workforce management (WFM) maturity
  • Unpack the challenges involved with managing individual employee and customer expectations at scale
  • Explore WFM solutions that will deliver step-change benefits for your employees, managers, customers and bottom line
  • Introduce intelligent, data-driven supply chain solutions to enhance accuracy and productivity
  • Transform customer experience to supercharge revenue and keep up with the competition
  • Futureproof your retail operation with agile, cutting-edge enterprise systems

And join our executive chairman Mike Callender on Monday 13th at 4pm at the Innovation Theater on JDA’s booth #4237 where he will be sharing the stage with colleagues from Microsoft, M&S and JDA.

Read on to discover how smaller can mean more agile, more accommodating and more adaptable.

Partner with A Business That’s Big Enough to Deliver

A partner that’s big enough to deliver has the credibility and experience to safely navigate your project. You’ll also access scale, flexibility, domain expertise and global reach.

What they’ve done before resembles your challenge. And while your technology ecosystem is unique to your business, they have demonstrable experience and evidence of success with retailers that match your size and the scope of the project. 

Access Global Reach

Global retail tech consulting experts, REPL is headquartered in the UK, with US bases in Texas and Arkansas plus Tokyo in Japan, Cape Town in South Africa, Hamburg in Germany and Singapore. 60% of our work is carried out in the US for a wide range of global retail clients. 

And all delivered by a global solutions delivery team who have more than just a willingness to travel. We provide in-country support and spend time in each nation where new technology is being deployed. 

Smaller partners may struggle with this kind of flexibility. They don’t have established bases around the world and can’t reduce headcount at their HQ for long periods of time.

Larger organizations can tick these boxes but may serve you with only the people they have available, not the true expertise you need on the ground. Ask prospective providers if they can build a team of people from different practices in different places and give you the expertise your project demands, exactly where it matters. 

Top European retailer HEMA received just this when they asked REPL to support the implementation of a new workforce management system. As a JDA partner, we provided project management, functional and technical consultancy, and day-to-day expertise in all aspects of workforce management and system implementation. The entire project was delivered to budget and deadline.

HEMA were able to eliminate 200,000 hours of labor in the first six months without lowering service levels.

Access Scale and Flexibility

At the very beginning of a project, you may not know its true scale. A partner with the ability to flex its project teams gives you assurance that no matter which way you turn, they have the right people with the right skills in the right number. 

A very large partner may bloat your team from the off with personnel who’ll one day be useful. A flexible partner will only deliver what you need, identifying requirements through consultancy. You already know which option is more cost-effective. 

Choose REPL and you’ll only work with high-caliber experts who demonstrate the pioneering, can-do attitude that makes the impossible possible. And, thanks to seamless development and delivery, you can expect exceptional outcomes that:

  • improve operational efficiencies
  • make innovation possible
  • enhance customer experience and employee engagement
  • boost profitable sales growth 

REPL owns the end-to-end delivery of a complex program for a global fuel retailer, mobilizing a 50-strong team to oversee the initial roll-out to 2000 stores. New enterprise, back office and stock management systems are being implemented and integrated at sites across the world. 

With agility central to the project, scaled delivery has been achieved across multiple markets against very tight deadlines.

Partner with a Business That’s Small Enough to Care

A partner that’s small enough to care gives you access to tailored consultancy, best-fit cultures and value-added benefits.

When the team is made up of great consultants and great retail technologists, you’ll get the right mix of precise capabilities.

Access the Personal Touch

In a business that’s small enough to care, founders are often still involved. They’re at that initial meeting, they’re in the office rather than on the golf course and they have clients’ best interests at heart. With this comes a culture of integrity and clear communications. 

You’ll find a team of senior professionals who want to work closely with clients, treat them as individuals and listen before suggesting solutions. 

Access Agility

With the relentless pressure to keep up with the pace of change, you’ll want to see results fast.

Step forward agility. A carefully curated team, selected from experts across consultancy, development, testing, data science, integration and implementation, can work quickly when they adopt an agile methodology.

Choose the perfectly sized partner with the right approach and you can get prototypes up and running within weeks, and complete solutions tested in stages and operating smoothly in impressive time. 

Access Innovation

Just the right size consultancy will challenge you, early and with transparency. They’ll take your problem and devise innovative, tailormade solutions: the right solution for you, not for them and their bottom line. And always one that’s lean, sufficient and sustainable.

This innovation and the client satisfaction it sparks drives a desire to offer value for money, underpinned by a commitment to long-term relationships over short-term profits.

Discover the REPL Difference

When you welcome consultants into your business you want to know you’re in safe hands. And that you’re going to achieve an exceptional outcome together, no matter the challenges you face.

Our results rely on our employees’ innovation and a pioneering spirit that means no problem is too big or too complex. By creating a culture that embraces diversity – both in terms of demographics and different ways of thinking – we challenge existing thinking and provide better solutions.

CEO at REPL, Cerys Johnson, says: “My role involves driving the cultural change necessary to deliver exceptional results for our clients. I strongly believe that only by creating an environment where employees are happy, fulfilled and engaged can our people, business and clients flourish.”

Choose your provider wisely and you can enjoy the benefits of a business that’s big enough to deliver and small enough to care. Optimized costs, increased revenue and growth based on innovation, each delivered with an agile, personal approach.

Hungry to transform? Start or continue your digital retail journey with REPL. Visit the retail tech consulting experts at booth 462 for in-depth insight and tailormade advice.

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