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People Power and Technology – Why Culture Is Critical for Retail Tech

The first moon landing was an amazing feat of engineering made possible by the women and men who intimately understood the technology and the theories underpinning it. Footage from the time shows control rooms of…

Your Retail Tech Opportunity Download the Insight You Need to Thrive in the Digital World

Technology is revolutionizing retail businesses across the world. You know how essential digital transformation is for survival. As global tech consultants, we surveyed CTOs and CIOs from multiple retailers to reveal how they’re keeping up…

Retail facial recognition and eye tracking the next tech wave, maybe

Jon Hughes, EVP of REPL, recently spoke with TechTarget to discuss whether he thinks facial recognition and eye tracking are the next retail tech wave. Stores and restaurants are testing retail facial recognition technology to…

Everything You Need To Know About NRF 2020

If you couldn’t make the event, or you did attend and need a recap, this article is for you. Here, we highlight the best bits of the NRF 2020 big event and reveal the hot retail technology topics everyone was talking about.

The Latest Retail Technology Trends In the UK and US

Similar cultures. The same language. Two sides of the same ocean. The US and UK seem to have a lot in common. But is this true when it comes to retail technology trends? Jon Hughes…

The State of Retail: How to Embrace Tech and Buck the Store Closures Trend

Latest figures reveal that 9,271 US  stores have closed since the start of 2019. Only 4,341 have opened.  Figures that compare starkly to the 5,854 stores which shut down in 2018.  But while major names…

How AI Can Help Retailers Eliminate Shoppers’ Frustrations – and Create a Winning Customer Experience

Understandably, retail customers get irritated when they make a trip to a store only to find that the products they seek aren’t available – particularly if they received an email promo offer of a discounted…

Survey Calls for Improved Forecasting Tools for Customer Service

Mike Callender, REPL Executive Chairman recently spoke with the online publication Call Center Scheduling about our recent survey we conducted. You can read the full article by clicking here.

U.S. Retail Workers Lament Understaffing as their Biggest Frustration

Our Executive Chairman, Mike Callender talks with AP News about the results from our recent survey conducted with more than 1000 consumers and 500 retail workers. You can read the full article by clicking here….

Is Retail Understaffing Solved By AI?

REPL Executive Chairman, Mike Callender recently spoke with WWD about the findings from our recent survey, where we spoke with 1000 consumers and 500 retail workers. You can read the full article by clicking here.