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Optimising Your Fuel Pricing Strategy Through Machine Learning

In a highly competitive and reactive market, setting petrol and diesel prices is an ongoing challenge for fuel retailers. Too high and you’ll drive customers to the competition. Too low and you compromise profit. REPL…

REPL Joins Forces with Catapult to Help Employers Access a Shared Workforce

Global technology consultants REPL have partnered with shared workforce platform Catapult to boost workforce flexibility. The innovative system allows people to choose when they work and who they work for by offering specific shifts at…

Retail Workforce Planning for the 2019 Holiday Season

Shoppers continue to deliver strong holiday season sales since 2000, according to Statista.  In 2018, holiday retail sales in the United States exceeded expectations — increasing 5.1% to $850 billion dollars — and it doesn’t…

How to keep employees happy and motivated

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman at REPL Group, recently spoke with The Telegraph about data science and machine learning to help businesses manage work schedules. To read the full article, click here

UK Retail Technology Firm Invests £1 Million In New Midlands Tech Hub Creating 60 Jobs

Retail IT consulting and technology firm REPL Group has announced the opening of a new office in Warwickshire. The £1 million pound investment will boost employment in the region by creating jobs for 60 new…