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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

During these unprecedented times, retail faces challenges it must meet more accurately and rapidly than ever before. At REPL we have everything you need to reimagine the way you do business.   From legacy systems that…

The Rise of the Robots – Why Automated Software Testing Makes Business Sense

Your warehouse management system, POS and card payment devices are the beating heart of your retail business. Incorrect data that blocks the flow of information, goods and money isn’t good for any business. Key to…

Call for Dr Digital! featuring Mike Callender

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman at REPL, recently gave advice to Insider Media as a ‘digital doctor’ to the hypothetical car bumper manufacturing company, Fender Bender. Mike talks about the company accessing supply chain platforms to…

The Biggest Supply Chain Management Challenges and How to Help Fix Them

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman recently spoke with American Express about the biggest supply chain challenges and how using certain strategies can help fix those issues. You can read the full article by clicking here.  

How to Plan for Exceptional Performance in 2019

We’re in the grip of a retail storm. In 2019, smooth sailing looks uncertain for many big names. Political uncertainty is slowing down consumer spending. Interest rates are creeping up, provoking cash and credit caution….

How to Plan for Exceptional Performance this Holiday Season

There’s no rest for retailers in the run-up to the Holidays. As competition crescendos, both on the high street and online, preparing for the busiest period of the year has never been more critical. Preparation…

The Future of e-commerce Logistics

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman, recently wrote an article for The Grocer discussing how the future of e-commerce logistics. Talking all things supply chain and looking at how e-commerce is shaping the future of logistics he…