Employee Engagement the REPL Way

Employee happiness is fast becoming the holy grail for business success.

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, driving productivity and maintaining motivation, it can create a tangible competitive advantage.

Indeed, research has found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy ones. 

The key to achieving this is employee engagement, a two-way process between employer and employee that can transform productivity and profitability.

The Institute for Employment Studies defines employee engagement as:

“A positive attitude held by the employee towards the organisation and its values. An engaged employee is aware of business context and works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organisation.”

Achieving it takes time, work, commitment and investment on both sides.

But a recent survey showed that only 48% of UK workers feel engaged in their jobs, with work-life balance, stress and lack of progression opportunities cited as chief causes.

Here at REPL we recognise the crucial importance of employee engagement for our people, our clients and the future success of the business.

It’s an approach reflected in our recent annual employee survey results:

  • 94.5% would recommend REPL as a great place to work (up 5.5%*)
  • 95% have a good working relationship with their line manager (up 8%)
  • 92% genuinely enjoy their work (up 9%)
  • 91% are proud to work for REPL (up 8%)
  • 86% feel recognised and appreciated for the work they do (up 7%)
  • 86% feel valued by the company (up 13%)

*all figures in brackets are percentage point increases

The Employee Engagement Basics

An effective employee engagement strategy should focus on fostering:

  • a belief in and understanding of your organisation
  • a desire to do their best work
  • a willingness to go the extra mile
  • respectful and helpful colleague relationships
  • a hunger for knowledge and progression
  • loyalty that will encourage them to stay and recommend your company to others

All of these can be driven by an overarching feeling of being valued. This can be achieved by:

  • involving employees in decision-making
  • listening to their ideas
  • implementing a robust performance review system
  • providing training and development opportunities
  • offering an attractive health and wellbeing package

And of course, when employees take pride in their work, the benefits will extend out to clients. They’ll be collaborating with a committed team of experts dedicated to delivering their best work and furthering their knowledge.

What We Did To Make A Difference

Over the last 12 months, REPL has responded to feedback from their 2017 survey to build on our credentials as an exciting, inspiring place to work.

With new recruits joining the team each week, we encourage our people to be brave, exceptional, pioneering, insatiable, infectious, challenging and straightforward.

The introduction of specialist software BambooHR has revolutionised our performance review management system, moving away from paper to an interactive, online resource. The result is accurate, meaningful feedback that can be easily updated and acted upon.

The software’s recruitment tool will also soon be introduced to track applicants more efficiently: especially helpful for an HR team who regularly welcome four to five new recruits a week.

A new learning and development training programme is under development, and regular, consistent company updates now take place to keep people inspired and motivated.

Working with senior leadership across the business, the HR team has also taken note of the smaller requests within the survey feedback: REPL’s people can now choose their own laptop. Whether they prefer to work on a Mac, Surface Book or standard laptop, they’re now in control of selecting their own device.

Fiona Muir, HR Business Partner at REPL, said: “Our annual survey is a great way to give our people a voice and make sure they’re listened to. We want them to feel heard.

“It also helps us to understand how engaged they are which is so important in terms of productivity, culture, absenteeism, retention and performance.”

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, REPL will be responding to challenges including ensuring sustained growth, and retaining and attracting talent.

We’ll achieve this by continuing our work with passion and innovation:

  • maintaining our strong culture and values
  • providing opportunities for progression, training and development
  • regularly communicating our progress and achievements to the team
  • offering flexibility and support through periods of change and growth
  • celebrating our success internally and externally

Fiona added: “We know that people already love working at REPL but are always striving to make the experience even better. We want them to feel that they matter, that their work has an impact and that they’re making progress.”

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