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14 Nov

Half of UK CIOs and CTOs are investing in in-store digital capabilities to replicate the convenience of online services

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Mike Callender, executive chairman for REPL, recently spoke with A1 Retail Magazine about our recent research that showed over half (51%) of UK retail CIOs and CTOs are investing in up-to-date pricing and quicker payment options in-store in a bid to improve their physical infrastructures to match the online shopping experience.

“It’s no secret that retailers are struggling with a number of challenges, however, the ones that are performing more successfully are those that are matching the differentiator of having a physical infrastructure with the capabilities of a digital environment. This is allowing them to maximise the benefit of having a physical store and provide the immediacy customers are demanding. However, this innovative approach to technology is currently only trialled by a handful of retailers, often in their flagship stores, and is yet to be widely adopted.”

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