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04 Sep

It’s Official – REPL is a Great Place to Work!


Any business can say they’re a great place to work but can they prove it? At REPL, we work as hard on our culture as we do our clients’ projects. And, as a data-driven organization, we wanted to put our culture to the test. So, we submitted ourselves to the scrutiny of the Great Place to Work organization to what understand makes leading businesses great workplaces and to see whether REPL’s culture cuts the mustard.

Why Trust is Key

Great employee benefits. Competitive pay. Fantastic company values. These are all part of what it takes to create a great workplace. But if you had to pin down a single trait common to all effective companies, what would it be? According to Great Place to Work, there’s single core feature that drives results: trust. Which presents itself in many ways:

Trust – the level of trust employees have in their leaders
Pride – the degree of pride individuals have in their jobs
Camaraderie – the extent to which people enjoy working with their colleagues

When employees experience all three aspects of trust, they feel their workplace is a great place to be.

Measuring Trust

“In the company’s early days, when we were recruiting, we used to say: They’re very REPL,” says Fiona Harris, REPL’s HR business partner. “But we couldn’t put into words what that meant exactly. So we explored what ‘being REPL’ meant and what the company stands for.”

This work resulted in core company values that embody the way REPL’s employees carry out their work. Since their introduction, the business has gathered feedback from REPL employees to understand how well the values were working (amongst other responses) via in-house employee surveys. But the business also wanted to objectively understand whether they were making REPL a great workplace.

REPL decided to put the business to the test by applying to Great Place to Work to undergo their data-driven certification process.

Each year, the organization’s research represents more than 12 million employees from thousands of organizations of different sizes, from different sectors in over 90 countries. The certification program enables workplaces around the world to benchmark themselves against the Best Workplaces in the world.

Based on 30 years of research, the Great Place to Work Trust Model is the definitive standard of what it means to be a great workplace. As quoted on their website, it tests the following five dimensions via an employee survey:

Trust: Credibility – Employees see management as credible. This is assessed by testing employees’ perceptions of management’s communication practices, competence and integrity.
Trust: Respect – Employees feel respected by management. The test assesses employees’ perceptions of professional support, collaboration and involvement in decisions and the level of care management shows for employees as people.
Trust: Fairness – Employees believe management practices and policies are fair. This is assessed by testing the equity, impartiality and justice employees experience in the workplace.
Pride – Measures how employees feel about their own individual impact through their work, their pride in the work of their team and their pride in the company overall.
Camaraderie – Measures whether employees believe their company is a strong community where colleagues are friendly, supportive and welcoming.

The Great Place to Work survey also seeks managers’ views around whether they can achieve organizational objectives, if they work with employees who give their best and whether they work together as a team in an environment of trust. According to Great Place to Work, managers’ actions, communications and behaviors have the most impact on trust in these nine areas quoted from their website:

  1. Hiring – Hiring practices ensure new employees fit into the culture and are welcomed.
  2. Inspiring – Employees see how they contribute to the company’s higher purpose.
  3. Speaking – Leaders provide information honestly and transparently.
  4. Listening – Leaders are accessible and actively seek employee input.
  5. Thanking – Employees are appreciated regularly for their work.
  6. Developing – Leaders help employees to grow professionally and personally.
  7. Caring – Employees are supported as people with lives outside of work, especially in times of need; workplace is inclusive and embraces diversity; benefits are meaningful and distinctive.
  8. Celebrating – Organizational and team successes are regularly celebrated.
  9. Sharing – Rewards of mutual efforts are shared equitably with all who helped produce the results and are shared with communities.

Submitting to the Great Place to Work certification process meant being tested on all these factors via an employee survey and through the submission of a complete culture brief. As a data-driven business, testing our culture with Great Place to Work’s research-backed approach made complete sense. But what did the results say?

REPL is Officially a Great Place to Work

Using validated employee feedback gathered with Great Place to Work’s rigorous, data-driven “For All” methodology, REPL’s US business has been certified as a Great Place to Work. This means that 7.3 out of 10 employees have a consistently positive experience at REPL with their co-workers, leaders and their jobs. Other highlights from the data show:

• 95% of REPL felt that when they joined the company, they were made to feel welcome.
• 92% are able to take time off from work when necessary.
• 88% of people said they are given a lot of responsibility.
• 88% feel good about the ways REPL contributes to the community.
• 85% feel they can be themselves at work.

This fantastic achievement was welcomed by Fiona following a lot of hard work to distil and instil REPL’s culture: “We’re only able to deliver innovative solutions by empowering our colleagues, to be the best they can be. Our core values are key to our strong working relationships, great communication and deliver better results for our customers and partners.

“Our culture has played a major role in securing our spot as market leaders and that’s really important to us. We wouldn’t be as successful without our people and ultimately our culture.”

With the addition of the Great Place to Work certification for the US business, REPL can also affirm that it operates a high-trust culture. This enables its employees to be more productive, more innovative and drive better business results. All of which influences the success of its client work.

The UK business is also undergoing the Great Place to Work certification process so watch this space to see if REPL is a great workplace on both sides of the Atlantic.

Find out more about what it’s like to work with REPL here.

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