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17 Jan

Mike Callender on supply chains and Brexit’s impact on retail

FashionUnited Supply Chains

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman of REPL, recently spoke with FashionUnited about his belief that the biggest thing retailers need to focus on right now and at the start of this decade is supply chains.

“Retailers need to get on top of their supply chains, whether that be their own supply chains or starting to look at shared supply chains, because there’s a lot to do in that market”

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman of REPL

He went on to discuss Brexit’s impact on retail going forward. The thing that Brexit was affecting back when the UK had a hung parliament the uncertainty bred people refusing to spend money.

“What’s really going to affect retail, even on a global scale, are the trade negotiations, which will define how trade relations will be with Europe, Asia, America, etc. The UK is going to go from having trade agreements and relationships that were defined by the EU to no relationship, and they will need to get one in place.”

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman of REPL

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