Schedule with confidence

Manage every aspect of scheduling anywhere, anytime. WFM Connect provides easy access to schedules with comprehensive coverage, improving staff engagement and reducing employee turnover.

The power of mobile labor planning, forecasting, scheduling and performance monitoring is at your fingertips with WFM Connect. Create custom workflows, improve decision-making, boost employee satisfaction and give managers more time to be on the shop floor, not in the office.

Mobile scheduling empowers employees to take charge of their work-life balance and in the process, create consistent and predictable schedules. It gives staff opportunities to claim extra shifts and supports those who need to swap hours, minimizing stress.

Scheduling and Performance

Our dynamic workforce mobility app lets managers:

  • View, edit and approve employee timesheets
  • View demand for specific roles
  • Alter the app to meet customer needs and workflow demands
  • Handle time-off and shift-swap requests
  • Access a daily or weekly view of scheduled shifts and breaks
  • Revise over or under-scheduling
  • Access detailed employee profiles to support scheduling decisions
  • Review real-time T&A exceptions
  • Review daily and weekly scheduling exceptions
  • Obtain customer specific exceptions

Our dynamic workforce mobility app lets employees:

  • View and edit personal schedules
  • Access available shifts only
  • Confirm shifts in one-click
  • Request time-off
  • View hours worked
  • View remaining annual leave entitlement
  • Execute a shift-swap in seconds
  • Clock-in and clock-out through geolocation
  • Access payslips

Improve workforce performance with REPL