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04 Sep

REPL Group is showing the way and inspiring Britain


REPL Group is thrilled to announce that we’ve been listed on the London Stock Exchange 1000 businesses inspiring Britain report 2017.

The annual report now in its fourth edition highlights the 1000 companies that are inspiring Britain.

This pioneering publication continues to identify the United Kingdom’s most dynamic SMEs and high growth potential companies across sectors and regions, highlighting the best of British small business.

When at the inaugural edition of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain in 2013, the LSE said their aim was to bring to life what they instinctively knew to be true: that these companies are the lifeblood of the UK economy.

Four years on, this report not only shows that that continues to be the case, but also that – in these times of global macro-economic and geo-political uncertainty – these companies are our greatest prospect for building a resilient and productive economy that, in the words of the Prime Minister, ‘works for everyone’.

This report gives a platform to companies growing at exceptional rates – 70 per cent on average. The selection criteria also require these firms to have out-performed their sector peers, and the composition of companies continues to show a community of UK businesses richer and varied than the LSE believed had been identified in any other similar exercises.

Chief Executive Officer at REPL Group, Cerys Johnson, says:

“We are delighted to have been announced in this year’s report, for us to be listed in the 1000 companies to inspire Britain is a massive compliment for us as a business, especially in the turbulent political environments we face within the country currently. Hopefully we can continue to inspire Britain and we look forward to leading the charge from the front”.

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