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23 Dec

REPL Joins Forces with Catapult to Help Employers Access a Shared Workforce

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Global technology consultants REPL have partnered with shared workforce platform Catapult to boost workforce flexibility.

The innovative system allows people to choose when they work and who they work for by offering specific shifts at a range of service companies. For employers, the platform gives them access to a pool of high-quality vetted talent, enabling them to better match labour to demand.

REPL are now on board to introduce the concept to their customers, and by ensuring Catapult’s operating system works seamlessly with existing tech, we will become an official integration partner.

Once implemented, alongside a workforce management system, retail and hospitality clients will have access to the Catapult ecosystem, where they can post and fill empty shifts with an engaged external workforce, approve timesheets, and benefit from rating tools, helping businesses to work flexibly.

Using behavioural AI technology, alongside a face-to-face process, Catapult pairs employers with the best and brightest people, who have the right combination of skills and experience.

Chris Love, Managing Partner – Workforce Transformation said: “REPL believes strongly in the power of employee engagement. By introducing our customers to Catapult and helping them to integrate its functionality into their current systems, we can unlock even more power for them.

“Increasingly, employers need a flexible workforce. There’s a growing group in society who don’t want to commit to a contract and also want the freedom to work at more than one place.

“Maybe they’re at university and can only work at certain times of the year. Perhaps they want to go travelling regularly without the pressure of finding a new job when they get back. Catapult is all about offering them that freedom of flexibility.

“In return, employers can access high-quality candidates without the time and money involved in a traditional recruitment process. We’re committed to making the workplace work for everyone, employers and employees alike. Partnering with Catapult is a great step towards that.”

For more information, please contact us on +44 0808 200 7375 or click here.

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