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10 Feb

Savvy-shoppers wise up to discounting trend

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Mike Callender, Executive Chairman of REPL, recently spoke with 365 Retail about our research into shopping habits and how the discounting trend is having an impact. According to our research with 1000 consumers, 61% of respondents say their shopping habits have changed over the past five years with discounting (21%) being recognised as one of the biggest changes – second only to online retail (60%). Although traditionally retailers limited discounting to specific periods, it is now common year-round. However, as awareness of this trend increases among consumers, many are becoming much savvier about their purchases, even going as far as being put off making a purchase (69%).

“According to our research, 31% of people who buy during discounting periods specifically wait for the sales to do so. This is just one of the ways that the culture of year-round discounting is harming high street brands as it is leading to missed sales with consumers not purchasing products they don’t feel are reduced enough – much less full-priced items”

Mike Callender, Executive Chairman of REPL

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365 Retail discounting trend Article
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