Consulting Services


True transformation for sustainable change

Implementing change means overcoming challenges. Our experienced consultants integrate with your team to advise, innovate and successfully deliver.

Rapid, assured and cost-effective, REPL’s agile consulting services allow your business to transform and perform.

Trusted advisors bring valuable perspective and expertise that you may not have access to internally. Their external insight and ideas will bring unrivaled experience to the most complex IT projects.

REPL’s consultants redefine best practice and make innovation a priority.

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Boost your competitive edge

Our fresh thinking and industry expertise will result in the perfect solution.

Enjoy access to a full range of expert knowledge and support throughout the project lifecycle. From inception through to pilot support, we build close relationships to deliver complex programs of change.

One size doesn’t fit all. Instead, we partner with some of the world’s best tech companies to offer end-to-end capability. A broad skills portfolio allows us to shape, manage and lead truly unique projects.


We shape, manage and lead truly bespoke projects


Project and program management

Business analysis


Technology and architecture practice

Digital practice

Test practice

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The skills you need when you need them

Consulting gives you the right support at the right time. Partner with us to create your ideal project team and avoid the time and of expense of recruiting and retaining. Broad experience, unrivaled expertise and an enthusiasm to innovate will fill any skills gaps.

Dedicated managers can join you on a short or long-term basis to oversee every detail and overcome every challenge. Supported by business analysts, product owners, quality assurance managers and technical specialists, your project will be their priority.

Enjoy the freedom of focusing on day-to-day demands while our consultants take the pressure away and concentrate on delivering comprehensive solutions.

Your roadmap to success

Rely on the professionals and minimize business disruption while your project takes off. REPL will take ownership to deliver exceptional results.

Comprehensive review of requirements and challenges

Innovative strategy planning

Management of large, complex programs

Fully-managed vendor selection process

Extensive pilot projects to provide proof of concept

Detailed data to present a sound business case before roll-out

Staff and stakeholder training and engagement

Ongoing support and maintenance

On time and on budget delivery

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Consulting to make change happen

Team up with the specialists and keep pace with the digital revolution. Consulting gives you the results you need.

Our experts thrive on tackling tactical challenges and making transformational strategic decisions. World-class consulting services to build a foundation for business success, now and in the future.