Agile solutions to streamline and simplify business operations

Keep moving with the pace of change. The latest digital enterprise systems will help you transform and thrive.

REPL knows your challenges: online competition, changing consumer spending habits, pressure to provide better technology and to balance the demands of customers and staff.

Digital solutions address these head-on: integrated apps and platforms that offer reassuring control and security over all back office processes and communications.

Designed and implemented by experts who understand the complexities of your business, your enterprise resource planning will be transformed.

AI-driven intelligence will spearhead increased efficiency, productivity and transparency.

And innovative automation will provide one source of data to drive effective analytics across the whole business.

The revolution is already here. To protect your profit, don’t get left behind.

Deliver for your business

Creating a digital workplace is an essential evolution for your business. When your customers and employees are tech-savvy, you must be too.

Upgrading legacy enterprise systems will propel your business to the next level: future-proofed technology to make your whole team work smarter.

AI provides unprecedented insights into business performance. And integration with workforce management, supply chain and POS ensures a holistic overview of all operations.

Automatically keep track of what’s selling and what’s not. Get real-time alerts when popular items hit low stock levels. Analyse how much profit each product is making. Plan discount and sale strategies based on in-depth data.

Next-generation mobile capability boosts organisation and productivity by getting daily jobs done on the move.

Colleagues can use handheld devices to simultaneously count stock from the shop floor, stock room, freezer or even delivery truck. Accurate accounting of sales, wastage and transfers between stores improves efficiency and minimises errors.

Freed from scrutinising desktop spreadsheets, managers can access data on the shop floor and focus on serving customers, growing sales and brand-building.

And reliable time and attendance clock solutions ensure accurate data for accurate pay. Simplify the time-consuming task of monitoring employees’ hours, add value by ensuring work done tallies with budgets and comply with all legal requirements.

Retailers using technology

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Integrated Data

Automate every system with bespoke software.

  • Simplify and synchronise workflows
  • Record, review and respond to in-depth data
  • Make informed business decisions based on facts not guesswork
  • Enjoy visibility across every corner of your business
  • Automate manual processes to eliminate inefficiencies
  • Integrate with WFM, supply chain and POS software

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