Navigate your way to better workforce management

Despite the profound changes wrought by the digital revolution, retail remains – for most retailers at least – fundamentally a people business.
The physical interaction and engagement between retailer and customer remains as powerful as ever – not just as a simple mechanism for exchange but also as arguably the most powerful expression of the retail business’ brand, values and customer proposition.

In many ways, the challenges of digital makes customer service more, not less, important than ever before.

Of course the real art lies in delivering this customer service while maintaining healthy operating margins – and all in the face of constant competitor innovation, high employee turnover and labour costs which are starting once more to rise.

This makes having the right data and tools absolutely crucial as retailers seek to achieve the best balance between the optimal use of labour and the quality of customer service required to generate targeted levels of sales.

But let’s face it: workforce management is a demanding enough process for organisations based around single or a small number of sites. Factor in the typical retail structure of multiple stores, regional distribution facilities and one or more head offices, and it is easy to see why many see the implementation and optimisation of effective retail workforce management (WFM) systems as impossibly daunting.

The good news is that help is at hand. Our new e-guide will help you navigate your way to these outcomes using nothing more demanding that G.P.S. – Goals, Partners and Solutions!

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