Why Workforce Management Software Is the Way Forward!

Companies choose to implement workforce management and mobile tools to enhance their workforce and improve customer satisfaction.

Workforce mobility apps allow managers to; input and edit schedules, confirm availability, clock in and out, set work preferences and much more!

In addition, by harnessing the power of mobile, employees can balance their work-life better whilst achieving cost savings.

Virgin Media saw an 18% uplift on mobile products post-deployment!

Virgin Media’s Senior Operations Manager, Ian Villalard was searching for the right workforce management solution for their needs and identified REPL Group and JDA as partners who would be able to match their commercial desires, and achieve the results they expected.

We provided them with consulting services to implement the project and a mobile solution for their associates and managers – mobile products post-deployment saw an 18% uplift!

Ian Villalard was extremely pleased with the results commenting that the workforce management solution has “absolutely given us a return on investment”.

REPL Group discuss the top managerial and employee benefits of workforce management solutions.

1. Eliminate human error

Anyone can make a mistake, it’s part of human nature, however mistakes that occur at your warehouse or shop could wind up costing your organization a great deal – it could mean a huge loss in profit or inventory.

Fatigue, stress, multitasking or a noisy environment could all play a part in errors that take place for example order picking errors. However, this can be eliminated completely with a workforce management system that allows staff to use an automated process.

2. Increase employee satisfaction

The more employees can do for themselves, the more empowered they feel. According to 2017 employee engagement statistics gathered by The Engagement Institute, disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually!

With a workforce management solution, employees will have the opportunity to view and edit personal schedules, confirm shifts in one click, request time off, view their remaining annual leave entitlement and clock in and out with ease.

3. Save time

Think about how much time you or HR spend assembling work schedules. By utilizing workforce management software, you / HR will have more time to spend on additional vital tasks.

4. Enhance the customer experience

The customer experience is enhanced with a workforce management solution because employee morale is increased and employee morale is increased because payroll errors for example, will never occur. Also, employees have more responsibility therefore feel happier. This leads to higher productivity resulting in a stronger customer experience overall.

5. Improve security

Biometric data collection devices allow employees to clock in and out with the use of fingerprint scanning – this way ‘buddy punching’ is eliminated.

6. Enhance analytical function

Data management is an essential element in achieving a successful business. Having the ability to see real numbers, compare actual performance and measure success against a plan will work wonders for your organization – allowing you to manage your business more effectively.

Managers require these types of tools to make the best and most profitable decisions for an organization.

7. Minimize compliance risks

All companies must acquire records which prove the business is compliant with its legal obligations, and this information is sent to national and local government bodies.

Manual records could, as we previously discussed lead to errors, and even the smallest errors could cost your organization huge fines, courts costs and other expenses. Workforce management software can instantly record this data eliminating the risk of any mistakes occurring.

So, what are you waiting for?! For further information on how REPL Group can help to implement a workforce management solution ideal for your organization’s requirements, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

The Engagement Institute