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02 Jun

Workforce Scheduling and Communications – Are You Covid Ready?

Covid Ready

Author: Chris Love

As the UK transitions from lockdown to the new normal, and the government begins to allow retail stores and hospitality venues to open, it’s critical that businesses respond to the guidance on how to open safely. Staff won’t return to stores where they don’t feel safe and consumers will react negatively if they don’t believe retailers are following instructions. Plus, any deviation from the guidelines will have serious consequences for your business.

Two fundamental aspects of the government’s advice relate to scheduling and communications. 

1 – Retailers must have scheduling processes that:

  1. Stagger employees’ start and end times
  2. Reduce contact between employees
  3. Minimise the levels of staff sharing between stores
  4. Staff to control queues outside the store
  5. Manage employees who are self-isolating
  6. Schedule extra time for cleaning and enhanced health and safety processes

2 – The government has also mandated retailers to: “provide clear, consistent and regular communications to improve understanding and consistency of ways of working.” By partnering with technology providers and content creators, retailers can deploy a powerful communications strategy within days.

Are Your Systems up to the Task? Find Out With Our Complimentary Evaluation

To help your retail business meet government guidelines, we’re offering a complimentary review of your workforce scheduling and communications processes. You’ll receive: 

  • A full assessment detailing where your procedures fulfil the government’s recommendations and where there are gaps  
  • A bespoke, rapid roadmap and access to the relevant software to ensure your business achieves compliance, fast
  • Proven implementation support from a team with deep expertise across all the major workforce, communications and task management software

With the right systems in place, your business will be equipped to ensure compliance, optimise your workforce and take care of your customers and employees. Sign up today to find out if you’re Covid ready. 

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