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The Rise of the Robots – Why Automated Software Testing Makes Business Sense

Your warehouse management system, POS and card payment devices are the beating heart of your retail business. Incorrect data that blocks the flow of information, goods and money is the equivalent of a company coronary….

How Testing Automation Gives Retailers Competitive Advantage

What would it mean to your retail business if you could test changes to your global IT systems overnight? What sort of competitive advantage would that give you? This isn’t a theoretical question for some…

BP enlists REPL Group for major BP RESET project

Retail Technology Innovation Hub has detailed REPL Group’s strategic partnership with BP, rolling out a new head office, back office and stock management system to operate in thousands of its retail stores globally. To read…

What is Testing?

When businesses invest in new tech they want to know it’s going to deliver. And so do the professionals who are developing the product. That’s why software testing is an integral part of the development…

What is Software Testing?

“To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer.” Paul Ehrlich, US biologist The world relies on software. Without it, our supermarket shelves would be empty, our holiday flight would…