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09 Jan

REPL Partners with Wagestream to Empower Employees

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Global technology consultants REPL have joined forces with a unique solution, Wagestream, which allows employees to access a proportion of their wages as soon as they’ve earned them.

Wagestream provide employees full visibility of their earnings, hours worked and allows them to stream a percentage straight into their account at any time of the month. Wagestream also provide independent financial education in the app. 75% of users feel less stressed as a result of using Wagestrem.


REPL is now on board to introduce the concept to their customers and help them integrate it with their current payroll systems.

Once implemented by the experts at REPL, retail and hospitality clients can offer employees a powerful platform that can significantly reduce staff turnover. 80% of Wagestream users felt more positive about their employer as a result of being offered WS.

Aimed at fostering financial wellbeing, Wagestream eliminates reliance on credit cards, overdrafts and worse case scenario, payday loans and puts the employee back in control of their cash flow. The company has been founded by social impact charities, including the Fair by Design Fund and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, with the mission of preventing employees entering a cycle of debt which can affect their wellbeing and subsequently their work.

Chris Love, managing partner – workforce transformation at REPL, said: “REPL is committed to implementing tech that improves employees’ lives. Wagestream is the perfect example of how tech can empower people by giving them access to on-demand pay.

“As a result, they enjoy more control, less stress, better engagement and a sense of trust between employee and employer.

“It’s especially beneficial in sectors that are vulnerable to high staff turnover, such as retail and hospitality. This is tech that attracts top talent and inspires the loyalty necessary to bolster retention.

“We fully support Wagestream’s mission to give financial freedom to employees. REPL is at the forefront of this and other innovation that contribute to employee engagement and are dedicated to spreading that message to our customers.”

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