Agile solutions to link sales floor to stock room

POS & back office systems designed and implemented by experts who understand the complexities of your challenge, modern systems meet customers’ digital demands and employees’ expectations.

Integrate with enterprise resource planning, workforce and warehouse management systems to deliver a comprehensive new way of working.

REPL’s agile approach to POS problems delivers a fast, pain-free process. Tailormade APIs, highly adaptable implementation methods and a willingness to innovate will give you a competitive edge.

The result? An enhanced experience for everyone. Watch customer service, job satisfaction, brand reputation and company profits soar.

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Point of Sale has evolved into Point of Service. Central and critical to the customer experience, skilfully-implemented software meets the buyer’s expectations in the digital age.

No longer satisfied by a simple till transaction, customers are demanding more: they want to use a contactless card, place orders, check stock availability, scan as they shop, get quick refunds and receive an email receipt.

Intuitive point of sale software makes this happen. Your tills will be as tech-savvy as your customers. They’ll spend their money and leave your premises wanting to return.

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Deliver for your business

Technology is progressing rapidly. Equipment is reaching end of life faster than ever before. Catch up with the competition and achieve asset integrity with a POS project that will meet the demands of tomorrow, not just today.

Our state-of-the-art solutions deliver exceptional results on the sales floor and behind the scenes, future-proofing your business. Equipped with the latest technology, your team can work smarter.

At the check-out, they can personalise the customer experience by accessing data, answering stock queries by instantly checking real-time inventory and swiftly process orders.

Next-generation mobile capability boosts organisation and productivity by getting daily jobs done on the move.

Colleagues can use handheld devices to simultaneously count stock from the shop floor, stock room, freezer or even delivery truck. Accurate accounting of sales, wastages and transfers between stores improves efficiency and minimises errors.

Freed from scrutinising desktop spreadsheets, managers can access data on the shop floor and focus on serving customers, growing sales and brand-building.

And reliable time and attendance clock solutions ensure accurate data for accurate pay. Simplify the time-consuming task of monitoring employees’ hours, add value by ensuring work done tallies with budgets and comply with all legal requirements.

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Connected Data

Optimise point of sale and back office systems with integrated software.

  • Free up time to focus on customers
  • Reduce out-of-stocks and grow sales
  • Modernise the customer check-out experience
  • Offer a broader range of services at the check-out
  • Streamline inventory through optimised ordering
  • Record and review accurate real-time data
  • Integrate with WFM, WMS and ERP software

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Take logistics to the next level by streamlining stock control, boosting productivity and reducing costs.

Cutting-edge clocking technology to take control of time and attendance across your workforce.