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Join the digital supply chain

Overcome your supply chain challenges with cutting-edge digital systems to transform business operations and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Complex patterns of consumer demand, increased service expectations, global competition and growing transport costs are all out there to challenge you.

With REPL on board, you can optimise predictive, value-driven technology to ensure you keep up with this demanding supply chain landscape.

Work alongside our digital supply chain and data science teams to redesign your existing system and achieve competitive advantage. You’ll be equipped to deliver extraordinary customer service to fuel efficiency, loyalty and growth.

And all while improving complexity, costs and sustainability.

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Embrace customer-first tech

Your customers are driving a need for change. Modern ‘customer driven’ supply chain solutions are designed around putting the customer first, giving them what they want exactly when they want it.

REPL has the expertise and experience to deliver for your business:

Deliver exceptional supply chain solutions

Expertise across the whole supply chain

Digital supply chain platforms

Demand forecasting with Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Real-time digital control towers with advanced user interfaces

Advanced warehouse tasking systems

Advanced store fulfilment planning systems

Customer driven demand forecasting

Consumer centric space planning

Enterprise planning

Store replenishment (store allocations and replenishment systems)

S&OP (Sales and operations planning)

Inventory optimisation

Consumer-centric micro and macro space planning

Store-specific planogram generation

Data-driven assortment optimisation for omnichannel retail

Space-aware assortments for planogramming

Shelf-based Min/Max replenishment planning

End-to-end integration of up and downstream inventory information

Advanced space performance analysis

Real-time digital control towers with advanced user interfaces

Warehouse management systems (WMS) including AI, ML and advanced algorithms to improve tasking

Distribution centre operations

Warehouse labour management (WLM)

Transport management solutions (TMS)

Returns management

Best-of-breed warehouse management for large, complex warehouses

Integrated workforce labour management (WLM)

Advanced warehouse tasking capability to optimise work queues in real-time using configurable strategies

Embrace customer-first tech

From Retail to Consumer products, Healthcare, Life sciences, Hospitality, Industrial and third-party logistics, we will support your supply chain transformation from strategy through design to full realisation.

Collaborate with us and you’ll also be working with a leading digital supply chain software company.

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Collaborate With Us

Together we’ll deliver accelerated systems change to get results faster:

Improved demand forecasting accuracy of between 30-40%

Streamlined end-to-end planning

Increased real-time responsiveness

Better efficiency and lower costs

Reduced CO2 emissions and stronger sustainability

Simplification of key day-to-day operational processes

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Dispatcher is saving retailers time and money by providing

precisely the operability today’s leading professionals need and demand.